In Turkey everyone listens in to everyone’s conversations

In Turkey everyone listens in to everyone’s conversations


The revelations about the phone tapping are shocking

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Upheaval has been caused in Turkey by the continuous revelations of phone tapping.

The pro-government newspaper Star in a front page publication claims that “the parastate was listening in on the conversations of 7000 important personalities”. Essentially, the turkish newspaper blames makes the case that people affiliated with the islamic order of Fethullah Gülen where tapping phone conversations. Among the people whose phones were being tapped in the last years, always according to the article, where the Head of the turkish secret service (MIT), Hakan Fidan, the minister of energy, Taner Yildiz, the minister of interior, Efkan Ala, Hürriyet’s columnist, Ertugrul Ozkol, and the president of Turkish Airlines, Temel Kotil. According to the newspaper, a phone tap had also been placed to the telephone center of the Republican’s People’s party (CHP).

Star published the full list of the 7000 people who had been victims of tapping.

The order of Gulen, through a statement, dismisses the accusations as ridiculous and asks for Justice to investigate the case.

The Erdogan government claims that the order of Gulen is a parastate organisation, which tried to overthrow the government on December 17, when the corruption scandals that forced four ministers to resign had been revealed. However, the until recently “alliance” between the government and Gulen was a well known fact, since they had a multilevel cooperation. The scandals resulted in the conflict between Erdogan and Gulen, with the former removing thousands of judges, police officers and public servants being suspected of being affiliated with the order. They were the same people who had been appointed by the government.

MIT was recording the actions of 2,500 people without judiciary approval.

The deputy prime minister of the turkish government, Βeşir Atalay,  revealed that MIT keeps records of almost 2,500 individuals, who are at the most part foreign citizens.

“To the day, the national secret service (MIT) has been listening in 2,473 individuals. More than half of them are foreigners”, he stated.

Atalay claimed that these tappings are used to reveal those suspected of terrorism. However, MIT ought to have taken a judiciary permission for every target it wanted to spy on. It has not been made clear whether those necessary actions had been taken.