Turkey increases the tension with a second drilling rig in the Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey increases the tension with a second drilling rig in the Eastern Mediterranean

It plans to send “Yavuz” to the Eastern Mediterranean in June

By Michalis Michael

Turkey again increases the tension in the energy sector, as it is reportedly sending a second drilling rig to the region of the eastern Mediterranean and in July will be ready to start the new drilling, as Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said.

In a speech, the Turkish Minister said that the drilling by “Fatih” in the Eastern Mediterranean continues at Finike 1 as planned. He added that the work on the technological development of the second drilling rig “Yavuz” continues, and in June it will be sent to the region, where it will begin its work and in July it will be ready for the new drilling. “Thus in the Eastern Mediterranean, our flag will fly on the two giants, the Fatih and the Yavuz. As we have always said, in our research and drilling projects we have given priority to protecting the rights of our country and the “TRNC”. As Turkey, we have always been in favour of a solution for Cyprus and the Mediterranean, and we are the most important supporters of international law in our region,” he said, as CNA reports from Turkey.

The Turkish Minister said they have no intention either to usurp the rights of anyone, nor to allow usurpation of their own rights. “Our concern is to exploit our underground sources in the area we have been licensed, for the peace and prosperity of our people. Those who make dirty calculations in the Mediterranean, those who slander the rights of Turkish Cypriots with fait accomplices, hiding behind the outside protagonists of the region, they should stop this madness. As it did not stay a spectator yesterday in the destruction of the Turkish Cypriots, today Turkey will not sit in the stands watching with tied hands,” Fatih Donmez said.

Serbia urges Ankara to respect international law, expresses concern about the tension in Eastern Mediterranean

The Republic of Cyprus continues at the same time to seek allies and support against Turkey’s actions through diplomatic channels. Both in the country and outside, there is high level of alertness, while at the same time, and as soon as Turkey’s moves are known, the next European Council meeting is expected to take place, where these issues will be discussed.

In diplomacy, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, Konstantinos Iliades, with whom he discussed the issue and voiced Belgrade’s support for the sovereign rights of Cyprus. A press release, which was posted on the country’s Foreign Ministry’s website, which also hosts photographs of the meeting, states that Serbia is worried about the developments in the eastern Mediterranean and condemns any action that is not in accordance with International Law, including of the Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The Republic of Serbia, as it is emphasized, supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cyprus as well as its sovereign rights to research and exploit its natural resources in the Republic of Cyprus’ EEZ.

“All activities in this zone that have an economic benefit may only be carried out with the approval of the Cypriot authorities, in accordance with International Law and the Convention on the Law of the Sea. Turkey is expected to respect the basic principles of international law so as to avoid tensions that will have a negative impact on the security of the region,” the press release says.

It is added that Serbia, which is facing its own serious problems and is being forced to defend its own national interests, “with all its power supports the dialogue as the only mechanism for a peaceful solution of the problems”.

“Therefore, this underlines the need to avoid unilateral actions which directly jeopardize the dialogue and the possibility of finding a solution”, concludes the press release./ibna