Turkey fights Al Qaeda

Turkey fights Al Qaeda


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Having observed the alliance between the USA and Russia in fighting Al Qaeda in Syria, Ankara decided to fight the terrorist organization and has already frozen accounts belonging to several members of the group.

Turkish newspaper Taraf reveals the story; its headline reads “button pressed against Al Qaeda”. The paper reports “Turkish was on a gray list together with Sudan and Kenya, countries that aren’t actively fighting Al Qaeda. Now the button for that has been pressed”.

Taraf says the bank accounts of 262 Al Qaeda members “froze”. Among the accounts there are many belonging to members of the Taliban.

The Turkish Finance Ministry says the measures taken will soon see Turkey off the list of countries that aren’t against the extremists.

For many months, Damascus has accused Ankara of supplying arms and money to Islamist extremists and rebels fighting Assad in Syria.