Turkey: Erdogan Attends G20 Summit

Turkey: Erdogan Attends G20 Summit

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the G20 Leaders’ Summit held under the chairmanship of Saudi Arabia at the weekend.

Participating in the G20 Summit, which took place via teleconference, pledged a “strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive post-COVID-19 era”.

Addressing the second meeting of the G20 Summit of Leaders, the Turkish President noted that “a system that does not serve the people, does not give peace and prosperity to the people, does not value them and does not ensure justice and security, has no chance of succeeding. It is impossible for the current global economic architecture, which was based on ambition, domination, injustice and unnecessary income, to protect people or nature”.

The joint statement by G20 leaders states: “We, the G20 leaders, convening for the second time under the Saudi Presidency, are united in our belief that coordinated global action, solidarity and multilateral cooperation are more necessary today than ever before, in order to overcome the current challenges and realize the opportunities of the 21st century for all, by empowering people, protecting the planet and shaping new borders”.

“We are committed to leading the world to a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive post-COVID-19 era”, the joint statement adds.

“We have mobilized resources to address the immediate financial needs of global health to support the research, development, manufacture and distribution of safe and effective COVID-19 diagnostic, therapy and vaccines. We will make every effort to ensure affordable and equitable access for all people, in line with members’ commitments to stimulate innovation”, the joint statement says.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has handed over the G20 presidency to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The G20 was established in 1999 as a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors following the Asian financial crisis.

The G20 consists of Germany, USA, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, France, South Africa, South Korea, India, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, European Union, as well as the IMF and the World Bank./ibna