Turkey: Çavuşoğlu meets with Moldovan political and state leadership

Turkey: Çavuşoğlu meets with Moldovan political and state leadership

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu paid a two-day visit to Moldova, where he had a series of contacts with the country’s political and state leadership.

The Turkish Foreign Minister had meetings both with his counterpart Oleg Țulea and working meetings with President Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Ion Chicu. Cavosoglu will also attend the official opening ceremony of the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Comrat on August 27.

During Çavuşoğlu’s meeting with Igor Dodon, the President of Moldova welcomed the presence of the Turkish Foreign Minister in the country, noting with satisfaction the growing bilateral relations between Moldova and Turkey in all areas of common interest.

The President welcomed the first meeting of the Joint Strategic Planning Group held in Chisinau, a sub-mechanism of the Council for High-Level Strategic Cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey.

This scheme was created during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s official visit to Chisinau, in October 2018, during the signing of the Strategic Partnership Declaration. The first meeting of the Council took place at the end of December 2019, during the official visit of the President of the Republic of Moldova to Ankara.

The Moldovan President also thanked Turkey for its assistance in tackling the coronavirus health crisis.

Referring to economic co-operation, the President welcomed the fact that Turkey constitutes the seventh largest trading partner (with a share of about 7%) and the seventh largest investor in Moldova. Currently, more than 1,200 Turkish companies operate in the country, with investments amounting to about one billion lei.

Prime Minister Ion Chicu also met with Mevlüt Çavușoglu, with the two officials praising the growing dynamics of the Moldova-Turkey political dialogue and the upgraded level of bilateral relations in various fields.

Prime Minister Chicu thanked the Turkish government for its substantial humanitarian assistance to Moldova in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and expressed his appreciation for the investment plans implemented by the Ankara government in the country.

The meeting of the Joint Strategic Planning Group chaired by the two Foreign Ministers included a wide range of issues of common interest on the bilateral agenda, such as: political-diplomatic dialogue, trade-economic and investment relations, co-operation in the field of consular affairs, Transnistrian issues, security issues, as well as interaction within regional initiatives and international organizations. At the same time, the two Ministers agreed on the cooperation objectives for the next period and the preparatory agenda for the next meeting of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council to be held in Chisinau in 2021.

Oleg Tulea thanked Turkey for the financial and technical assistance provided to the country through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), which has allocated about US $ 40 million over the past 25 years and implemented more than 400 projects with local partners in in the field of healthcare, education and environmental protection. During the current visit, the Turkish side donated to the institutions medical equipment for the national health system and computer equipment addressed to the education system of Moldova.

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu expressed his intention to further deepen bilateral relations. “Currently, there are over 400 investment and development projects in the Republic of Moldova, of which 100 in Gagauzia. The opening of the Consulate General in Comrat is an important step in the process of attracting investors here. It will serve the entire southern part of the country. I came to Chisinau today with a lot of medical supplies, but also with tablets and laptops for students. We will soon deliver the required 50 respirators, and by the end of the year, I hope we can deliver the 200 new ambulances required for the medical system of the Republic of Moldova. My visit coincides with the 29th anniversary of independence and on this occasion I congratulate the people of the Republic of Moldova”, stated the Turkish Foreign Minister.

1255 Turkish-owned companies operate in the Republic of Moldova, with investments in registered capital of 989.267 million lei. As part of the Intergovernmental Health Donation Agreement signed at the onset of the pandemic, the Turkish side donated: 30,000 N95 masks, 10,000 protective uniforms, 5,000 goggles, 10.000 pairs of gloves, 10,000 pairs of shoes, as well as a ton of hand sanitizer. /ibna