Turkey accuses Greek President of not knowing International Law – Greek FM reacts

Turkey accuses Greek President of not knowing International Law – Greek FM reacts


The Turkish Foreign Ministry in a written statement has reacted to statements made by Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos in the Dodecanese on Tuesday. The Turkish FM once again states that the Aegean islands should be demilitarized.

“The statements made by the President of Greece create both surprise and anguish and there is no doubt that they lack knowledge of basic international law” “The Treaty of Lausanne, taking into account Turkey’s defence needs provided the demilitarization regime in the Aegean islands. With the Treaty of Paris that was continued and strengthened, “says the Turkish Ministry.

Ankara states that “it is Turkey’s duty to express their objections to the militarization of these islands by Greece, which threatens Turkey’s security and it is our right arising from international law but it is also important for the maintenance of security and peace. ”

The statement continues with statements against the President of the Republic of Greece, stating that “Greece on an international level accuses our country of increasing the tension in the Aegean. But Greece does not hesitate in violating international law and its High Representative is making provocative statements. This provides the EU and the international community with some basic information about who is raising the tension in the Aegean. ”

The statement concludes with Turkeys well known rhetoric stressing that “Greece is referring  to international law to resolve the problems in the Aegean, but when called upon to fulfil its own obligations, it avoids it. Despite provocative statements and the unstable approach of this country, we want to inform the international community that we will not forfeit our rights nor our  faith of a serious state”.

Following this announcement the Greek Foreign Ministry reacted: “To know international law means above all to respect it and not violate it”, states the Ministry’s announcement concerning Turkey’s accusations following the statements of Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos./IBNA