Tuesday started the negotiations between Greek authorities the technical echelons of the troika

Tuesday started the negotiations between Greek authorities the technical echelons of the troika

Athens, July 29, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

According to the Greek ministry of finance, there was no organizational problem, the discussions take place at the place of residence of the institutions and when needed representatives of institutions met with Greek officials in the Bank of Greece and the General Accounting Office.

The aim of both sides is to complete the deal as quickly as possible. Technical echelons are expected to complete their work until Friday and only in extraordinary cases if necessary discussions will continue on the weekend.

On Wednesday are expected to be in Athens representatives of all four institutions. Ie: Declan Costello [EU], Rasmus Refer [ESF] Nikola Giamaroli [ESM] and Delia Velculescu [IMF].

The ministry of finance reiterated that reports on new prerequisites are inconsistent both with the agreement of the Summit [12/07/2015] and the letters of the finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos to the ESM, and by the discussions with institutions so far.

Meanwhile, more than 250 police officers have been recruited for the safety of the 54 members of technical echelons. The police guards both the place where the technical echelons are staying and their movements.

Yesterday, after the meeting of the Government Council for Economic Policy (KYSOIP), Finance Minister, Euclid Tsakalotos said that during the negotiations “we will serve to the letter the agreement of the Eurogroup and the agreement of the Summit. We are moving in an organised way and hope that everything goes well in the end”. Especially on the subject of a third pack of prerequisites measures, on which lenders are said to persist, a leading employee of the finance ministry said that “there are some who ask that of us, but we reply that we will implement the agreement of the Eurogroup and the Summit, in which no third package is provided”. Indeed, according to members of economic staff, apart from the amounts required for the payment to the ECB and the IMF, the government seeks additional funds to reduce the about EUR 4.5 bn of public debt and boost liquidity in the market.

It is noted that in the question whether there will be a meetings of ministers with the heads of the creditors’ representatives, a leading employee of the finance ministry said that “the ministers will be involved later if necessary”, while another senior government official said that “discussions will take place in the hotels where they will be staying”.

However, even before negotiation has started, the spokeswoman of the Commission sent a message to Athens that the two multi-bills that passed in the House were enough to start the discussions but not enough for the first disbursement to be released.

Circles in the finance ministry, however, note that neither the agreement of the Summit (07/12/2015) nor in the two letters to the minister of finance Euclid Tsakalotos to the ESM is there the slightest hint of a third set of prerequisites.