Tsipras will ask for a vote of confidence if Kammenos leaves the coalition

Tsipras will ask for a vote of confidence if Kammenos leaves the coalition

Alexis Tsipras will ask for a vote of confidence by the Greek Parliament if coalition partner Panos Kammenos withdraws from the government, as the Greek prime minister revealed in his televised interview. In the same interview, he ruled out the possibility that the government would continue with the rationale of tolerance, as opposed to what was reported by government officials in the past, stressing that if parliamentary confidence is lost, early elections will be called.

It is noted that there is no constitutional impediment, but rather a political issue, as Tsipras put it. However, government officials say it is “unlikely” that the required majority of 151 needed in a vote of confidence cannot be gathered.

Tomorrow the appointment between Tsipras and Kamenos

According to the latest developments in Athens and the internal processes of the co-governing party of the Independent Greeks all converge to the above scenario. Besides, just today, speaking to the heads of the Armed Forces at the Defence Council, Minister Kammenos allegedly stated that this was his last presence as a minister.

So tomorrow, after the departure of Angela Merkel from Athens, Tsipras and Kammenos will make the crucial appointment that will launch the developments. Earlier, the chairman of ANEL will convene the party’s parliamentary group. Up to now, it appears that three out of seven MEPs will follow him on the “exit” from the government on the occasion of the Prespes Agreement.

As long as the above scenarios are confirmed, Tsipras will announce tomorrow that he is going to ask for the vote of confidence in parliament, a process that will start imminently. Though there were reports that this was to be done even tomorrow – it takes three days to complete – it seems that Athens will first wait for the constitutional change process to be completed in the parliament of fYROMacedonia.

First the vote of confidence then the Prespes Agreement

Following that, within ten days, and provided the government has taken a vote of confidence, the Prespes Agreement will come for ratification in the Greek Parliament. On Sunday, a major event is being held in Athens with the participation of executives and personalities of the left, center-left and the so-called progressive space, which the prime minister will address with the title “the bet of the Prespes Agreement”. An initiative that for many in Greece is interpreted as a precursor to the processes and political collaborations that will follow./IBNA