Tsipras to visit Thrace

Tsipras to visit Thrace

In a substantial but also symbolic move, amid the doubt cast over the Lausanne Treaty by the Turkish President, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is visiting Thrace on Friday, sending a clear message to all those who doubt the area’s Greek character.

The Greek Prime Minister will visit the three prefectures of Thrace, where he will meet with state and productive institutions, will visit the minority High School in Xanthi and will address the citizens of Komotini on late Friday afternoon.

On Thursday the Minister for Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Nikos Pappas, signed a decision granting free satellite access to Greek television stations for the minority populations in Thrace.

The new program called “sponsored Satellite Access for Minority Populations of Thrace to Greek TV stations” and is expected to cover about 120,000 Greek citizens belonging to the Muslim minority in Evros, Xanthi and Rodopi.

Nikos Pappas stated that the “The project contributes to the familiarization of minority populations with rapidly evolving satellite technologies and services, to reduce the digital gap between Greek citizens in various parts of the country and to enable the equal participation of citizens to information. This particular action is a priority for the ministry, as the frequency maps that were drawn up by the previous governments have left large parts of the population of three counties without coverage  and as a consequence, these people have no free access to Greek television stations.”

The decision is considered important for the Government as it wants the biased information fed to the Muslim minority in Thrace by the Turkish channels to stop and instead enhance the learning of the Greek language in the minority populations as well as enable them to connect more with the Greek reality and minimize both the cultural and social isolation of the population./ΙΒΝΑ