Tsipras: Time for sanctions – the six initiatives

Tsipras: Time for sanctions – the six initiatives

Alexis Tsipras declared that he would serve as a main opposition with patriotic responsibility but a critical stance as well, in light of the recent developments in the Turkey-Libya agreement. Speaking in Parliament, the main opposition leader underlined that it was time for sanctions against Ankara. “This is not the time for statements, but for sanctions”, he said.

“Either there will be European sanctions today or the Greek frigates will be in Crete tomorrow, when it will be too late”, he stated, stressing that SYRIZA’s intention is to have a “concrete national front” against Turkey.

However, he added that he would remain critical though stressing that “we will not do what Mr. Mitsotakis did with the Prespa Agreement”. “It was he who divided the Greek people”, recalling the criticism of New Democracy against the SYRIZA government on national issues and the handling of Greek-Turkish relations.

He stressed that the recent developments should not come as a surprise for the Government. “It is the price of the success we pay after having put forward the East Med pipeline; the price of the policy of partnerships we have promoted in the Mediterranean”, he claimed, as well as the “implementation of a completely wrong strategy change by the Greek Government in the field of national issues”.

Six initiatives

The former Prime Minister stated that he supported an open-channel policy; the resumption of confidence-building measures; the internationalization of the issue of the “illegal and void Turkey-Libya Agreement”. He also welcomed the support of the State Department, the EU and the country’s partners.

He also went on to propose six specific initiatives: The implementation of sanctions for Turkey’s unlawful activities within the Cypriot EEZ, extending them to persons and companies likely to commit illegal acts also within the Greek EEZ, in the area covered by the Turkey-Libya illegal agreement.

A new 3 + 1 meeting with Israel and Cyprus should be held, to promote the EastMed pipeline on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s forthcoming trip to Washington. The convergence of the South Summit, Greece’s participation in the Berlin Process for Libya.

“You have to clearly send the message that Turkey must put an end to its efforts to create faits accomplis; but at the same time, it must be straightforwardly stressed that not only are we not leaving the dialogue table, but on the contrary we urgently demand that the exploratory talks be resumed, as we have been steadily proposing since 2016”, he added.

SYRIZA: One more case of political unfair by Mitsotakis

However, the meeting was marked by the departure of Kyriakos Mitsotakis from Parliament shortly before Alexis Tsipras’s speech. “He has added yet one more incident of parliamentary unfair in his record; and indeed in a rather historic, as he said, meeting”, sources from SYRIZA state.

New Democracy: Tsipras is being divisive

Alexis Tsipras was “out of touch regarding the national climate of understanding”, according to government officials. “We are not going to respond to his party-political rivalries. The path of division might be the usual choice for Mr. Tsipras, but it is not an option for the Greeks and the Prime Minister”, they underline.

“Consensual policy, but we will point out the mistakes”, was the reaction from SYRIZA.

“SYRIZA has proven in practice its commitment to the national and consensual policy regarding the Greek-Turkish relations. However, that does not mean that it is not performing its duty and not pointing out the mistakes, inconsistencies and contradictions that could expose the country and thus should be corrected”, sources from the main opposition argued. /ibna