Tsipras: We have roots in the West, but we spread branches to the North, South, East

Tsipras: We have roots in the West, but we spread branches to the North, South, East

Beijing, July 4, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“Greece is a tree that has its roots in the West, but spreads its branches in North, South and East”, said the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during an interview he gave to the Chinese network CCTV. With this sentence, Alexis Tsipras highlights with the best possible way his strategy, in foreign policy, economy, development and culture.

The Greek prime minister, who is paying an official visit to China, accompanied by a multitude of ministers and government officials, had a series of contacts with both business giants, and with Greek businessmen who either cooperate with Chinese companies or at the beginning of their effort to attract Chinese collaborators.

The prime minister met Sunday morning at Dianyotai State Guest House, with the Wang Jianlin, chairman of financial-economic giant China Wanda Group, which is involved in the areas of commercial real estate, the Culture business and finance.

During the meeting, the chairman of Wanda Group, whose father was Mao’s companion in the legendary Long March, expressed his interest in the massive growth of Chinese tourism to Greece and for the creation of an integrated tourism development infrastructure. there were also talks of the possibility of creating a film production studio in Greece. Indeed, it was agreed that an echelon of Wanda Group would visit Greece after two months, when all relevant preparations have been completed.

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Following that, Alexis Tsipras visited the Technological Park of HUAWEI, the base of the homonym company, which is the largest telecommunications equipment supplier in China. After the tour he seated at a presentation by the company, during which was discussed the creation of a technology park, the creation of a product assembly line in Greek territory, the creation of a building center and R&D center in Greece, the fraternization with the technology park of Thessaloniki and the outsourcing of HUAWEI with Greek software companies.

At the end of the day the Greek PM visited the Great Wall of China in Badalin gate.

Alexis Tsipras even climbed up to the highest tower of the southern part of the wall, which according to the Chinese Ambassador, makes him the first prime minister to do so.

The Prime Minister stressed via twitter that “The ascent and effort are rewarded with the best view from one of the wonders of humanity”.

After the tour, A. Tsipras wrote in the visitors’ book expressing deep admiration for one of the great monuments of world cultural heritage and human achievements. “With deep admiration to a monument of world cultural heritage, I express my limitless appreciation to great feats of Man”, wrote the Greek premier.

On Monday start the contacts of Alexis Tsipras with the political leadership of the People’s Republic of China, where he will meet with President of the National People’s Congress of the PR China’s Zhang Dejiang, will have a private meeting with Prime Minister of DRC China Li Kekiangk, extended consultation between the two government delegations, signing of bilateral agreements and participation in business forum.

The aim of the Greek Prime Minister is to pave the way for the strengthening of the Greece-China strategic cooperation with foreshadowing the mutually beneficial agreement with Cosco ratified by the Greek parliament Friday. The immediate plans of the Greek government is the great potential for cooperation between the two countries in tourism and culture, with their long cultural tradition as an ally.

Alexis Tsipras believes that Greece can become part of the strategic planning of China’s “one belt one road” as goods gateway and culture. What’s more, his pursuit is the introduction of knowledge and innovation, the Greek exports and cooperation in the shipping sector, and believes that the nautical tradition and the dominant position of both countries in the global shipping may prove to be a cooperation beneficial to both countries and for entrepreneurs.

Finally, the decision of Greece to join the Asian Investment Bank and the Development Bank of BRICS, involving 2 million euro that will be given in four doses, marks the strengthening of the funding possibilities to greek enterprises abroad but also foreign investments in Greece.

Photos: Spiros Sideris/IBNA

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