Tsipras re-elected Syriza party president with 93.5 pct

Tsipras re-elected Syriza party president with 93.5 pct

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was re-elected party president at the 2nd Syriza Congress with 93.5 percent of the vote on Sunday.

“The renewed confidence in me is one that renews the responsibility to make Syriza a more collective, massive and efficient in the tough battles ahead; for a Greece of justice and prosperity” Tsipras wrote on twitter on Sunday night.

Approximately 2,700 delegates voted for party president – with Alexis Tsipras being the only candidate – and a new Central Committee.

The results of the vote for the Central Committee were expected to come in late on Sunday night.

How the different Syriza groups will be represented in the new Committee is much awaited as the result is expected to play some part in an expected cabinet reshuffle.

There were 419 candidates for the Central Committee of which 151 will be elected.

In a sign of the Syriza party’s future setup, candidates for the Central Committee did not run as part of organized factions but campaigned on their own. Analysts point out that this is crucial in Tsipras’s attempt to steer Syriza towards the center-left of the political spectrum, away from its radical leftist past.

The Greek Prime Minister cast his vote a little on Sunday afternoon. In his closing speech on Saturday he told delegates that the government and the party had three difficult months ahead with the plan being to lead the country away from the memoranda signed with creditors as soon as possible.

Tsipras ruled out any chance of an early election, stressing that “the people will judge our government after the completion of our four-year tenure in 2019”.

He was also strict in the messages he sent to the country’s international creditors, demanding that Greece is granted debt relief sooner rather than later.

The premier said the government is respecting its bailout agreement signed with creditors in 2015 but it expects them to honor the deal too. “Delays and postponements will not be accepted” Tsipras charged.

Negotiations with creditors are set to resume in Athens on Monday with the focus on a second review of the bailout agreement./IBNA