Tsipras’ message one year after exiting the Memoranda

Tsipras’ message one year after exiting the Memoranda

Alexis Tsipras highlights the achievements of SYRIZA’s governance and the exit from the memoranda in his article on Social Media on the one-year anniversary since the completion of the fiscal adjustment program for Greece. (https://balkaneu.com/european-commission-praises-greek-reform-effort/)

“What three successive governments of the crisis parties failed to do, the leftist government achieved it”, the former prime minister posted, noting that “the exit of a bankrupt Greece from the memoranda was not a self-fulfilling development, that would occur either way”.

Alexis Tsipras points out that without the debt adjustment, which paved the way for the return of the country to the markets with historically lower borrowing rates, and without regaining the country’s credibility on an international level, Greece would not have returned to normality. “Besides, this is what our political opponents expected, by consistently projecting either a 4th Memorandum or a credit line of support, which is actually a covered-up Memorandum”, he continued.

Indeed, he notes that, although SYRIZA won many “unwinnable bets”, nonetheless it lost the election. “New Democracy won the election by promising immediate tax cuts, which will eventually bear direct burdens on the 2020 budget, compared to what the SYRIZA government had already put in motion”, he added, while blaming New Democracy of rejecting the previous government ‘s plan to reduce surpluses by 1% by exploiting the large reserves in public funds.

With a reference to Homer’s Odyssey, since one year ago he declared as prime minister the end of the Memoranda from Ithaca, he concludes: “The suitors are still here and not only they enjoy the fruits of our people’s efforts, but they also try to tear down whatever we built with great effort. But let’s not forget that the story is not over here. History, fortunately or unfortunately, lasts a long time”.

Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman Stelios Petsas replied to SYRIZA’s President Alexis Tsipras

The full statement:

“The Greek people’s modern Odyssey has been prolonged for 4.5 years, because Mr. Tsipras wanted to keep – by all means – the Prime Minister’s chair.

And in order to rise to power, he plunged the economy, threw away the Greek people’s sacrifices, burdened all citizens with 10 billion euros of new austerity measures, cost more than 100 billion euros to present and future generations, while mortgaging public assets until 2115.

Because of the “adventure” they experienced under the SYRIZA governance, the Greeks disapproved of Mr. Tsipras in the elections.

As for his altruism, he may wish he could take steps to gain political points on the back of the Greeks, but citizens know that the Mitsotakis administration has already curtailed the ENFIA tax to 22%; and, unfortunately for him, there is more to come”./ibna