Tsipras, Kotzias, Zaev and Dimitrov post messages in celebration of two-year anniversary of the Prespa Agreement

Tsipras, Kotzias, Zaev and Dimitrov post messages in celebration of two-year anniversary of the Prespa Agreement

Τwo years after the signing of the Prespa Agreement, the protagonists of the historic Agreement, Zoran Zaev, Alexis Tsipras, Nikos Kotzias and Nikola Dimitrov, took to social media to celebrate the milestone.

Former Prime Minister and President of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras, in a post on his personal Facebook page, celebrated the second anniversary of the Prespa Agreement.

“Two years ago we met in Prespa which, in the course of history, victorious and defeated, triumphant and tragic heroes have crossed.

We have addressed our peoples, the people of the Balkans, who have fought for their freedom but have been tortured and are still being tortured by the poison of nationalist hatred, international conflicts and fratricidal wars.

And we have proved once and for all that in the history of the Balkans, we do not need winners and losers. It is enough to have respect and a strong will for a common future of peace and development.

Greece was on the right side of history. This is proved in practice even by those who fought the Agreement.

Those who spoke of “betrayals” and “national retreats”. Those who walked side by side with the nationalists and the Golden Dawn partisans.

They are the ones who today glorify the country’s relations with North Macedonia and the country’s role in reviving the European perspective of the Western Balkans, amidst the most difficult times.

History honors those who write it. Not those who are dragged behind her”.

Former Prime Minister and leader of SDSM Zoran Zaev, in a message on Facebook, also refers to the Prespa Agreement, analyzing why it was worth it.

“Today marks exactly two years since we signed the Prespa Agreement. Today we can freely say. You won!

It was worth it because we became a full member of the strongest military-political alliance in the world – NATO. We sit at the same table, side by side with the most successful, the most developed and the strongest. Our Macedonian future is secure and the borders are safe forever.

It was worth it because the Prespa Agreement brought us one step closer to the European Union and we finally opened the door to joining the EU. After 15 years of waiting, we are starting accession negotiations. NATO and the EU are our strong support for development, but also for tackling challenges and risks such as the coronavirus. In the past, we have received a lot of help and support from them.

It was worth it because today we have neighbors who strongly support us. In our process of joining NATO and the EU, Greece is now not only not impeding us, but even helping our rapid accession.

It was worth it because we provided a secure future for our children, a growing economy and new partnerships and friendships. We have made a significant contribution to stability in the region and we have become a shining example for all. We are moving forward!”

Former Foreign Minister and pioneer of the Prespa Accord, leader of the Pratto Movement, Nikos Kotzias, posted on Twitter and addressed his old counterpart and current Foreign Minister of North Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov, writes:

“It has been two years, my friend. Life has vindicated us.

We promoted cooperation and friendship between our people and our countries.

We are on the right side of history. We turned History from a prison house into a school for the future.

Nikola Dimitrov responded to Nikos Kotzias’ tweet, in the words of Nelson Mandela, “‘it always seems impossible until it’s done’ We have proved, my friend, that miracles are possible. That we in the Balkans can also resolve intractable disputes in a European way. We made our countries both in standing and in friendship greater”. /ibna