Tsipras: I ask for a vote of confidence for the future of the country

Tsipras: I ask for a vote of confidence for the future of the country

The election results next Sunday may open the door for national elections, as the Greek prime minister said in his last interview before the crucial battle, this morning on public television.

“On Sunday we do not vote for a government, but it is not an unimportant vote,” said Alexis Tsipras, pointing out that in these European elections, just before the national elections, the citizens are voting for a political plan for the next few years.

“I can not say “it makes no difference, no matter what you vote”,” he said in conclusion, “I asked for a vote of confidence. If I get it, it is more than certain that I will be able to apply it (Ed. the relief measures). If they are deplored, everything is open.”

Alexis Tsipras has set the “ballot dilemma”, which he has characterized as a vote of confidence for the implementation of the relief measures and the course of the economy and the country forward, or as a vote for the cancellation of the measures and the return to IMF policies.

In the same interview, Al. Tsipras asked the citizens to give him strength for the next day, in order for his plan to not be questioned “by any Weber, Rengling, banker”. “With whatever kind of loss for SYRIZA, or support for ND, we enter into a debate that I do not know where it will end up, into an adventure”, he stated.

To the possibility that the result of the election, positive or negative, for the government will lead to early national elections in June, with open dates on 23 and 30 June, referred the State Minister and close associate of the Prime Minister, Chr. Vernardakis.

As they estimate in the government and in SYRIZA, the race will be close, estimating that the polls that are showing differences of 7% and 8% will be disproven on Sunday. It is characteristic that only yesterday and today opinion polls have been published, with some showing the gap between ND and SYRIZA at 8% and others at 2.5% or even at 1%.

In any case, on Sunday night, the political scene in Greece will be very different from what it is today, with all possible outcomes still on the table. It seems, however, that the scenario of early elections in June, regardless of the outcome, is becoming more likely.

Meanwhile, the pre-election period ends tonight with the election rally of Alexis Tsipras in Athens, at Syntagma Square and the speech of Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the port of Thessaloniki./ibna