Tsipras: Great potential in Greek-Israeli cooperation

Tsipras: Great potential in Greek-Israeli cooperation

Athens, November 26, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With a tribute to the Museum of the Holocaust began his two-day visit to Israel the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“The Holocaust is a landmark, the darkest spot of modern history which we must not be forgetten, so as to not allow anyone anywhere to repeat it. We must resist to the ideology of hatred, xenophobia and racism”, said the Greek premier after his visit to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, as part of his two-day official visit to Israel. Alexis Tsipras noted with meaning that “this city should be converted from city ​​of violence and hostilities into one of peaceful coexistence and cohabitation of different religions”.

The Greek PM laid a wreath in memory of the dead and wrote in the guest book: “We will never forget the faces of the millions of people, men, women and children, who were murdered with brutality. Because when people suffer anywhere, it concerns everybody everywhere. Our task is not to forget and to resist anyone who wants to repeat this barbarism”.

Following that, Tsipras met with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom he had a long cooperation.

Greece and Israel have huge energy cooperation possibilities, emphasised the Greek PM, during a joint press conference with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The two countries, Tsipras said, have large prospects for cooperation in the research, extraction and transportation of natural gas in Europe. At the same time, he praised the possibility of cooperation in critical areas such as economy, energy, tourism and development.

He also made a special mention to ​investments and added that we must proceed with more concrete and solid steps in developing expertise and utilisation of human resources in both countries.

The Greek prime minister added: “we had the opportunity to talk about the threat of the Islamic State” and stressed the need for a political solution to the Syrian civil war,  along the lines of the Vienna Agreement.

On the table was also set the Palestinian issue, with Tsipras expressing his concern at the stalemate and the recent escalation of tension.

“We are firmly opposed to terrorism on the one hand and violence against civilians on the other side”, the Greek premier noted and added that the problems are solved through dialogue and understanding.

“We seek to play a constructive role in order to open communication channels”, Tsipras concluded.

We have a very good and constantly growing cooperation with Greece, said on his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu described his talks with Tsipras as productive and referred to the tourist arrivals from Israel to Greece.

I acknowledge your efforts to reform the economy, said the Israeli Prime Minister to Tsipras, expressing the belief that the Greek economy will come back. He even said that he will invite investors to invest in Greece.

Alexis Tsipras then met with President of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition Y. Herzog, as well as the Energy Minister Mr. Steinitz.

On Thursday, the Greek Prime Minister will visit Ramallah and meet with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and prime minister Hamdallah.