Tsipras: Our geopolitical position to be used as leverage in the negotiations

Tsipras: Our geopolitical position to be used as leverage in the negotiations

Athens, April 17, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The message that the government will realise the geopolitical dynamics of Greece in the critical negotiations at the european field, sent Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the joint statements with the President of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades after their meeting at the Maximos Mansion.

“A new element in the negotiating strategy and the strategy of foreign policy of the country is that we want to exploit the geopolitical dynamics of Greece in the crucial negotiations on the european level, and this is because we believe that Greece in recent years due to the geopolitical crisis has lost much of its economic strength, but has not lost its geopolitical dynamics”, the Greek PM said.

He also stressed that “Greece and Cyprus are a field of stability in a destabilized region” and that “as a stronghold of stability to the West” the two countries “should stay steadfast and strong”.

As regards with energy issues, the Prime Minister also stressed that Greece and Cyprus “are at a particular region on the map, in an area that is not only blessed and has a natural beauty that attracts millions of tourists, but also an area from which pass the energy paths of the 21st century”, but there are also deposits of natural gas and hydrocarbons that must be exploited.

“The development and exploitation of natural resources and energy resources, according to Tsipras, “will create conditions for cooperation rather than conflict”.

Tsipras clarified however one should not link the perspective of development and the future from the use of energy sources with the economic crisis which is a European problem and must be solved within Europe.

He reiterated that Greece and Cyprus are two sovereign states belonging to the EU and like all sovereign states have commitments and capabilities. “This fact not only does it not affect our position in the EU, but each option that can give us perspective of development and economic prosperity, I think it would contribute positively to the European family”, he said.

The Prime Minister also announced the convening of a tripartite meeting between Egypt – Greece – Cyprus next year in Lefkosia, while at the same time extended an invitation to other forces to contribute to the cooperation and development.

Referring to the Cyprus matter, the Prime Minister said that after the withdrawal of the “Barbaros” and the end of the NAVTEX there are better conditions for the resumption of talks and stressed the “unswerving need for the non-repetition of such provocative intervention”.

Anastasiades: We are ready to help

On his part, the President of the Republic of Cyprus expressed Cyprus’ support to the Greek government, stressing: “I have assured the Greek prime minister that within our possibilities we are and we will always be there to give the stigma of the absolute identity with aspirations in the wider European region for a more humane Europe”.

On the Cyprus matter, Anastasiades said that the common goal of the governments of Greece and Cyprus is to find as soon as possible a solution, but not any solution. “Our goal is to find a solution that ensures an international personality, a single sovereignty, a single citizenship”, he added.

He warned however that “if despite assurances phenomena of October are repeated, it won’t be possible to continue a dialogue under threats or blackmail”.

For the relations between Greece – Cyprus and Russia, Anastasiades noted: “To contribute through actions with respect to our European obligations to normalise relations with the Russian Federation which is considered an EU partner in a host of areas does not undermine but rather strengthens the position of Europe, as well as the prospect of bridging differences and finding solutions through diplomatic channels”.