Tsipras for President

Tsipras for President

Erol Rizaov

The title of this column is not a joke, irony or sarcasm of an old journalistic cynic, it is just a provocation to make you think a little bit harder, but also a personal protest against the domestic blockades of the future of North Macedonia, which have recently shifted to European territory. The thought of Alexis Tsipras as our president is a reflection that made me feel nice after his statement directly aimed at the EU and Brussels. What the Greek Prime Minister said to the European Democrats was: “The rejection of the start of accession negotiations with North Macedonia, after all that we achieved with the historic Prespa Agreement, would be a decision in favor of the forces of regression and nationalism, the burden of the policy of progress, peace and the friendship of the nations.” This is what Tsipras told the European Socialists as a warning and concern about the dangers of the radical right-wing hovering over Europe. And what do our recent right-wingers say? Much worse things than European radicals. They say that they will do their job, that they should not bother and embarrass themselves. As if they are demanding revision and change of the agreement with Greece. We are very familiar with all those who work illegally and make political capital reselling opium made from tar, from the Macedonian poppy. Their anti-European and anti-civilization campaign just so they could earn something like drug dealers is a disgraceful, unreasonable and shameful act against the interests of their own homeland, of which they never stop talking.

They preach, at home and around the world, that they will save us by revising the Prespa Agreement with Greece and improving it so much that they will even reject the Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria. They lie whenever their lips start moving, because they will not change anything, not one comma, not one word in a document that was adopted in the Assembly. They think that with such scams and false promises they will stir up dissatisfaction among the citizens from the compromise concessions just so they could get to the Vodno presidential residence, the place that has been sending bad news and obstructions, constitutional crashes and impediments to justice for ten years now. The presidential palace has been sending strong support for the top of the criminal party, the regime of Nikola Gruevski, who robbed and tormented Macedonia for more than a decade.

Such a message, as the one from Greek Prime Minister Tsipras, about the necessity of not destroying the historic Prespa Agreement, for the damages that would arise from that act has never been uttered, neither by the current president nor the VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate for the mother of the nation, nor anyone from the present leadership of the only revolutionary legal party in all of Europe. They only want to come to power by instigating revolt among citizens with populist propaganda and hatred. Electing VMRO-DPMNE’s presidential candidate would only be an invitation to bring back Nikola Gruevski and Gruevism to Macedonia. They don’t even think of canceling international and domestic agreements, instead they are preparing to erase court judgments and grant general amnesty to criminals.

The maturity of a nation at such historic moments that determine the future is to punish all attempts to obstruct the progress of the country, its Europeanization, its economic development and democracy, justice and the rule of law. The recognitions that come from the entire democratic world must not be overturned by fake propaganda and right-wing radicalism. Macedonia is on the right track and has already recorded the first successes since the fall of the regime. The defeat of the presidential election of returning ideas will definitely mark Macedonia’s place in the European family and guarantee the security of the country as a NATO ally. This will put an end to the danger of Macedonia’s disintegration.

From May onward, all election matches will be reduced to the race for the successful conclusion of the negotiations with the EU, for a better and more quality life of the citizens, and for accepting the European values ​​in all spheres of life. It is the historical prefix that should occupy the public in the coming decades. This will only be possible if we first change ourselves, not in relation to Europe, there is no dilemma here because the vast majority of citizens since the first day of independence of Macedonia were in favor of the EU and NATO membership, but the changes should follow an idealized history which has been creating desolation in the consciousness of entire generations for decades. Good neighborly ties and stability in the country, NATO and EU membership is the greatest guarantee of success.

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