Tsipras extends new invitation to Mitsotakis for a debate, in view of tax relief measures

Tsipras extends new invitation to Mitsotakis for a debate, in view of tax relief measures

Alexis Tsipras has once again thrown the glove at Kyriakos Mitsotakis, reiterating the call for a TV confrontation between the two political leaders in view of the European elections. At the same time, following today’s developments in the Euroworking group that approved the early repayment of IMF loans, Kyriacos Mitsotakis’ tax-free amendment and the new tax cuts brought by the government, it is clear that in the coming days the political confrontation will escalate.

After the rejection of the prime minister’s proposal from New Democracy two weeks ago, SYRIZA sent a letter to the representative of the right-wing representative through the government spokesman, calling again the president of the ND to accept the proposal for a televised debate, in order to have a thorough discussion and debate on all the major issues.

For his part, K. Mitsotakis before the Easter celebrations announced from the parliament the submission of a motion of mistrust against Deputy Health Minister Pavlos Polakis, a proposal expected to be tabled on Monday. SYRIZA accuses the leader of ND that he is trying to avoid the confrontation by trying to change the agenda, focusing on Polakis.

For this reason Al. Tsipras announced that if ND submits a motion of mistrust, he will automatically turn it into a vote of confidence, paving the way for a three-day discussion on all matters and, of course, a clash of party leaders in parliament.

At the same time, in the following days is expected the announcement of the final package of new social support measures from the government, as a result of surpassing the target primary surplus and fiscal overperformance. There is also the possibility of a cabinet meeting.

Most of the measures will involve tax cuts, real estate tax (ENFIA), while government officials have left an open a window to restore the 13th pension or 13th salary to public employees.

The measures will refer to 2019 and 2020, while in a second phase the submission of the fiscal strategy framework for 2019-2022 will also have a strong social stigma. At the same time, the Greek Prime Minister has announced that the adopted measure of lowering the tax-free limit will not apply from 1/1/2020 if SYRIZA is government. In an attempt to put pressure on the government, the president of New Democracy will table on Monday an amendment to the parliament to cancel the measure./ibna