Tsipras: I’m going to elections if I do not have parliamentary majority

Tsipras: I’m going to elections if I do not have parliamentary majority

Athens, July 30, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Determined to solve his disputes with the intraparty opposition, that is the left wing of his party, who disagree with the new agreement with creditors, appeared prime minister Alexis Tsipras in the two-hour interview with radio “sto kokkino 105.5”, one day before the critical meeting of the central committee of SYRIZA.

Tsipras was particularly and unusual sharp against his challengers and with full understanding that the situation with the split in SYRIZA can no longer continue, since it is a difference in strategy. He even wondered, surprising many listeners, if the intraparty schism had been preordained by some, adding that he is the guarantor of unity, but not of a unity based on blackmail, implying that the other side is seeking to impose its views. “Life will show if my fears are true” he said at that point.

The prime minister sent a clear message that if he loses the majority in parliament then he will be forced to go to elections – implicitly excluding scenarios of a special purpose government with other parties – and picked up the glove thrown to him by the left wing: He proposed to have an extraordinary and coordinated congress in September – instead of a standing conference proposed by the side of Panagiotis Lafazanis – citing the need to first complete the negotiation with partners, since the government has in its hands a critical situation that must handled. “I am holding a bomb in my hands which is armed and instead of helping me they are pushing me to blow in my hands”, he said in a dramatic tone, adding that “if we do not agree, then all members of SYRIZA must speak, which means to have an intraparty referendum before the completion of the agreement”.

You should not rush procedures, he noted, stressing that a collective process as the congress immediately after the holidays, that will decide on all matters, is the logical proposal.

Tsipras called for the first time, albeit indirectly, the dissidents MPs to surrender their seats: “When you take a decision to govern the country, you have to governmen the place and thus the collective decisions should be respected by everyone, otherwise those who disagree must surrender the seats”, he stressed, adding that “there is a difference in strategy, which I respect and that is why I did not ask for sanctions”. He noted with a sarcastic tone that “surrealism is voting against the decisions, but to say that you support” and confessed: “I am surprised on a personal level with the behavior of some comrades. We lived with the agony not to let a bank close, because we would have been destroy, we knew the alternatives and tried together. The same people are now saying, okay you vote, but we will retain our political purity and won’t vote. The same persons with whom until yesterday you shared the same concerns, now they say you take the responsibility. That I do not understand. “I would have expect a stance of togetherness and solidarity, support, with filing the dispute, until the deal closes”.

The problem of SYRIZA will not become the country’s problem he added and pointed out that there is an apparent discrepancy between a party of 30,000 members, and a body of 3 million citizens who support it. “This mismatch is an issue that needs to be seen, but now the decisions will be taken by  the 30,000”, he said.

He assured that there is no issue to change the radical character of SYRIZA and become a social democratic party.

He admitted also that SYRIZA did not become a single party; the attempt to turn it into a party by uniting its components did not succeed. “This model works well when in opposition, but not when in government. You can’t work with parallel centers of power when governing the country”, he said.

The prime minister sought to answer a the criticism he receives from the left of his party:

“If someone thinks that Tsipras had an alternative on July 12 and chose to hold the country hostage and betrayed the values, let him and explain it publicly, without tampering. To say, what was this plan I did not follow. When safe and out of the ‘dance’ we say a lot of songs”.

He also attacked those who speak of defeat on the outcome of the negotiations saying that “defeat is seen by those who are narrow-minded and believe that the revolution is storming the Winter Palace”.

He was also particularly hard for the way the dissidents interpret the NO in the referendum: “It is tampering with the result to say that NO meant exit from the euro. I did not ask, nor did I receive such a mandate”.

“I feel that the Greek people have become the runaway at the time of the capture and when he ends up in a harder cell than the one he escaped from. The way some say would be to fall into the pit with the crocodiles or fall on the electrified fence. We will be freed only when we create a movement for the liberation of the people”, continued his criticism to those who propose other solutions to the Greek problem.

Attributing to the left wing tendencies of avoidance of responsibility and a retreat from power, wondered if they shape the objective conditions better when in the opposition: “Some say – in good faith because the world of the Left suffered a shock – it does not make a difference for a government of the Left to be in power. Practically, what this means is to tell people that we erred when we said that we will fight against the Memoranda and we leave the governance in bankruptcy. What does this mean, that we will abstain from elections so as not to suffer the loses from governance as did the Communist Party in 1946? Suppose that we the sages of the Left can’t manage things from a position of governance, will they trust us in the opposition? The Left will close its circle if it misses out on a historic opportunity to change things from the position of responsibility. Essentially, it is the fear of the responsibility”, Thispras concluded on this issue

We are all disappointed but flagellate because the Left has learned to say it is not right, responded with intensity the prime minister, on the observation that there is indirect cut wages and pensions by increasing product prices.

Tsipras responded to the left wing of Syriza citing Lenin and the references of the leader of the October Revolution on leftism. The revolutionary process he said, is maneuvers and retreats, and recalled what Lenin had said about the robber who asks from someone “your money or your life” and who of course has to give up his money in order to save his life and continue fighting.