Tsipras: Our collective security cannot be built and ensured by military means alone

Tsipras: Our collective security cannot be built and ensured by military means alone

Warsaw, July 9, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is in Warsaw participating in the Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

According to sources, the Prime Minister stressed in his address: In a constantly changing and unstable security environment, it is necessary for NATO to adapt in order for it to be able to address the full range of challenges in the region, but especially the concerns of its members.

Allied security is, after all, indivisible: it either applies in its entirety for each Ally, or none at all. We may not agree with all of our Allies’ arguments on how to deal with Russia and its stance. But we demonstrate solidarity with the concerns of our allies as we ought to.

“However, we expect solidarity for our own security concerns too”, continued Alexis Tsipras.

“Undoubtedly, the implementation of the Rapid Action Plan and our presence in the eastern part of the Alliance, strengthened our readiness, response capacity and flexibility significantly as well as the overall Allied deterrent and defensive formation. However, our collective security cannot be built and ensured by military means alone”.


Alexis Tsipras stressed that in the same way that we demonstrate our determination militarily, we must show our determination to remain committed to dialogue and to resolve disputes by peaceful means as well as refrain from the threat or use of force, as foreseen in the founding Treaty of Washington.

Strengthening the dividing lines in Europe must be avoided. We all know, from recent or earlier experience, how devastating the result of incorrect calculations can be. And we must learn from our mistakes. Not to give ground to aggression, but to tackle it effectively. From whatever angle you see it, European security is not conceivable without Russia. The latter is part of the problem, but at the same time it cannot fail to be part of the solution. Deterrence must be accompanied by a strong and meaningful dialogue with Russia in order to avoid erroneous assessments and unnecessary escalation.

Especially in times where there is tension, dialogue to enhance transparency and predictability is necessary. We should continue to implement our work following the dual approach to collective defense and essential dialogue. That is why we welcomed and supported the decision for the NATO-Russia Council to convene again. That is why we consider it necessary to continue to modernize and strengthen the efforts of a verifiable, effective and legally binding regime for Conventional Arms Control in Europe.


Apart from instability in the north there is instability in the South. Instability in the Middle East and North Africa deeply affects Europe, through the continuous flow of refugees and immigrants, but also by enhancing terrorist networks. And of course as you know, Greece was and is at the forefront of these migratory pressures.

The implementation of the “Framework for NATO adaptation to the security challenges of the South” must be part of a broader multi-dimensional response of the international community to build peace and stability in the region. In cooperation with the partners of the Alliance, the UN and the EU.

Greece is consistently striving to this goal, both through all the international organizations in which it belongs, and by forming bilateral and trilateral dialogue shapes, cooperation and co-development in the region.

In a widely destabilized region, we are trying as a member state of NATO and the EU to be a pole of stability and at the same time a force for peace, cooperation and constructive dialogue with countries of North Africa and the Middle East, always respecting the principle of non-interference in their internal affairs, Alexis Tsipras reportedly said.


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to meet with US President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the NATO summit held in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday July 9.

The meeting will take place at 15.30 (local time) at an initiative of the US President, according to sources.

Photo: Andrea Bonetti