Tsipras: We want a clear four-year mandate – No to a civil war in the Left

Tsipras: We want a clear four-year mandate – No to a civil war in the Left

Athens, August 25, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

A clear mandate with four-year horizon sets as the polling target the outgoing prime minister and president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, as he said during his opening speech at the meeting of the Political Secretariat of the party, while at the same time he ruled out a post-election cooperation with the systemic forces of the old political system.

Tsipras gave the first guidelines of the electoral work for SYRIZA, while reportedly stressed the need for the organizational regrouping of the party and of extrovert action, “of a meeting with the social SYRIZA”.

In this context, he proposed the establishment of a nationwide body, consisting of members of the CC, members of prefectural committees and MPs, who will decide the electoral programme.

In addition, Tsipras he noted that the electoral battle should not be turned into a civil war of the Left, but rather “SYRIZA should projecting the Left radical governance programme in opposition to the neo-liberal construction of Europe, but also in opposition to the domestic systemic bloc”. “Our goal”, he stressed, is “to win the trust of the people, to implement a program of progressive changes for the gradual liberation of the country from overseeing and memorendums”.

Finally, according to the same information, the president of the party stated that the aim of SYRIZA in the upcoming elections are the Greek people to decide “if we fought well in the tough negotiations in recent months. Although we were right in the end in our choice to not lead the country to a massive financial disaster. If there is someone else who could under the circumstances and associations bring a better deal”.

“And finally, who can achieve the best possible result for the country in the negotiation for the debt at the end of the year”, he noted.

Nationwide conference on the weekend

As regards the decisions of the meeting, in a consensus climate it was stressed that SYRIZA proceeds united in the elections, while in the coming days will convene the committees for the preparation of the electoral battle (programme – communication – ballots -organizational).

In this context, it was decided for the coming weekend, the convening of a nationwide conference with participation of the members of the CC, members of Prefectural Committees and the SYRIZA MPs, in which the electoral-government programme will be decided.

SYRIZA continues to “leak” MPs – Iro Diotis and Kostas Dermitzakis will not run with Syriza

His resignation from the position of secretary of SYRIZA presented on noon Monday Tasos Koronakis before the meeting of the Political Secretariat of the party.

Referring to the Left Platform, he stressed that its members acted as if they have been ready for a conflict for some time, and for using inexpensive rhetoric on the national currency.

Tasos Koronakis said, however, that he will remain in the party, hoping for the appropriate internal party processes to be conducted, while according to information he addressed a call on all sides to defend the ethics of the Left and to reject the “cannibalism”.

On Monday, however, it became known that the SYRIZA MP of Larissa Iro Diotis and Lassithi MP Kostas Dermitzakis will not run with the party in the coming election. According to other information, Thodoris Dritsas and Tasia Christodoulopoulou will also not be candidates.