Tsipras briefs the political leaders and visits the Greek President

Tsipras briefs the political leaders and visits the Greek President

Athens, May 10, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Particularly positive marked the result of the Eurogroup, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who visited the President of the Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos and spoke of the roadmap for the debt relief.

“I felt the need to inform you of the outcome of the Eurogroup. The result was on the basis of the proposals of Greece. Particularly positive is the drawing of a roadmap for debt relief. A positive message for the markets and investors, but also for the Greek society, the Greeks citizens who raised a huge burden in recent years and deserve some good news”, said the Prime Minister to the President of the Republic.

“It is no coincidence that today (yesterday) is the day of Europe”, A. Tsipras added, naming solidarity as an irreplaceable and important value for the EU.

“The roadmap for debt relief is the solidarity with a people who was unjustly afflicted and deserves some good news”, said the prime minister and personally thanked the President, because as he said, in a bumpy ride he defended the need for the country to remain adamant in the pursuit of its values, but also its right, the debt relief and European solidarity.

Mr Tsipras said that before going to the President he briefed the political leaders and expressed the view that by the next regular Eurogroup on 24 May it will made possible to specialise today’s decisions and to have a better view of a decision he described as positive for thegGreek society.

Mr Pavlopoulos, a recent statement by whom on the currency was interpreted by some as a statement against the euro, underlined that Greece remains steadfast in its European course. We must not forget that this decision to remain on the hard core of the EU is being shared by the majority of the Greek people, he added. He also commented Konstantinos Karamanlis and cited that when he took the decision to join the then EEC he had been questioned by many.

The Prime Minister also contacted the political leaders. He stated his mood for information sharing, but also to open a dialogue over the confrontations.

From Syngrou they do not give details about what passed between Mr Tsipras and the main opposition leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, however colleagues of the latter point out that the results of the Eurogroup are not in line with the government’s celebrations, while on the debt issue they note that Alexis Tsipras ‘passed under the bar’, since he did not even get what was provided in the November 2012 agreement, when the issue of debt rescheduling agreement was linked to primary surpluses.

Today in the afternoon is expected to convene the cabinet.