Tsipras Under Attack by the German Press

Tsipras Under Attack by the German Press

The Greek Prime – Minister seems to be on the receiving end of a coordinated attack by the German Press over the weekend, two weeks before the Obama visit to Athens and then Berlin.

With the first evaluation successfully completed and the start of the second to be completed shortly with willingness from all parties, essentially the debt discussion starts up again, a binding agreement between the Greek side and the lenders.

The Greek Government, wants to move as quickly as possible to start discussions on the sustainability of the debt, in order to be able to attract Investors and turn over a new page in the protracted recession of the Greek economy. Something that obviously bothers the German Ministry of Finance, which as repeatedly stated by Wolfgang Schäuble, wants to start discussions about the debt from 2018 onwards.

Another unfavourable factor for the German Ministry of Finance, is the Obama visit to both Athens and Berlin, where, according to the White House announcement and the statements of US Vice President Joe Biden, the debt issue will be discussed in detail.

As has been proven so far in the handling of the Greek crisis by the German media, there is a two-way relationship between Wolfgang Schäuble and the German press. There have been numerous attacks against Greece, the Greeks and the political leadership in an effort to make the public believe that Greece is made up of lazy people and corrupt politicians.

The Greek Government, despite its ups and downs, has managed to  successfully finish the first evaluation, start the second, and to make more reforms than any other Memorandum government, thus backing the German Ministry of Finance into a very uncomfortable corner; after getting what they wanted, now it’s time to give back what was promised.

However Schäuble doesn’t seem to be in a very giving mood before the German elections thus resorting to a familiar weapon to discredit the Greek Prime Minister: the German media.

Analyses on Tsipras’ governance and the social consequences of a fatal policy without growth, are the main points of the reports in the German newspapers.

Der Spiegel magazine asks the question “Tragic Hero or Traitor?” and looks at ways of deconstructing the Greek Prime Minister without of course giving any answers.

During his rule Tsipras failed on most of his original promises, states the German magazine. Even though it has accepted a third memorandum, the Greek economy remains in a burnout situation, with the unemployment rate at 24%, and new cuts to follow, says the magazine. Whatever Alexis Tsipras does no one is satisfied, says Der Spiegel and adds ”Debt relief alone is not going to pull Greece out of the crisis. What is needed is investment.”

The financial newspaper Handelsblatt, in its report states that Greece is no longer a headline, but for people in Greece it’s a bitter reality.

“Twenty months after the takeover by Alexis Tsipras, the situation for most Greeks is worse than ever. High, long term unemployment, undeclared pay, and poorly paid employment of few hours is a time bomb for society.”

“One in three Greeks owe to the IRS,” states Bild and notes: “Greece is still sitting on a mountain of debt, for the past six years it has been kept alive by the creditors through drip-feeding but is not yet able to get any money from its own citizens. The government debt is estimated at about 320 billion euros”, says the paper triumphantly./ΙΒΝΑ