Tsipras – Al Sisi meeting with energy, construction, infrastructure, collaboration Greece-Egypt in the agenda

Tsipras – Al Sisi meeting with energy, construction, infrastructure, collaboration Greece-Egypt in the agenda

Athens, December 9, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“With Egypt we are bound by history and longstanding ties of friendship”, said the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras, immediately after his meeting with the president of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, at the Maximos Mansion.

“We made a broad overview of the Greece-Egypt relations and developments in the region. Our cooperation is based on very strong foundations and we attach great importance to its broadening”, said the Greek premier and referred to the prospects of cooperation in areas such as energy, the delimitation of maritime zones, the trans-port connection, construction and infrastructure.

Tsipras made special reference to developments in the energy sector and the opening of the Suez Canal, noting that all these events make it essential, to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

“Greece and Egypt play a stabilising role in the region. What concerns us is that we will work in the best possible way to deal with extreme religious fundamentalism”, said the prime minister and stressed that it has been decided the best permanent and sustainable coordination in the fields of defence and Citizen protection. “This cooperation has in a big part already prevented dangers”, he said and added that it is major challenge to address the huge refugee crisis centered around the human factor.

The president of Egypt Abdullah Fatah al-Sisi expressed his full appreciation towards the Greek prime minister and his pride for the relationship between the two countries. He addressed the Greek people expressing the appreciation of the Egyptian people. “Your prudent course will be your direct supporter in this course you have been entrusted by the Greek people”, said the president of Egypt, while referring to the talks he said that they depict the mood for cooperative.

The president of Egypt praised the level of cooperation between the two countries and noted that they are a model to follow. Egypt may need support from countries interested in stability in the region, said Abdel Fatah al-Sisi answering journalists’ questions at the Maximos Mansion. He added that there is need for an international mobilisation to stop the smuggling of weapons. Concerning Libya, he said we were slow to address this situation and warned that tackling the situation in the region leads to further risks.

“The cooperation between the two countries and a trilateral meeting is not directed against other countries in the region. We work together, on the basis of International Law, to exploit our national wealth and move to co-development initiatives”, said the Greek prime minister in reply to a journalist’s question as to why there is a delay in the demarcation of the EEZ and if this delay is related to possible reactions of Turkey. “I would say to you that we have not stalled”, said the Prime Minister and stressed that each step requires good preparation.

“We work and we are interested to develop our cooperation with Greece, as well as in the issue of the delimitation of maritime boundaries, we operate under international law”, said Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Prospects for cooperation

After the meeting, Tsipras made particular reference to the prospects for cooperation between Greece and Egypt.

“We had the opportunity, during our talks to realise a broad overview of our bilateral relations and developments in our troubled geopolitical surroundings”, Alexis Tsipras noted, adding that bilateral cooperation Greece and Egypt is based on very strong foundations and that the Government attaches great importance to its comprehensive expansion and deepening. “Excellent prospects are taking shape in areas such as multi-faceted economic cooperation, energy, the delimitation of maritime zones, the trans-port connection, sea and air transportation, construction and infrastructure”, said the prime minister, noting that developments in the energy sector in the wider region and in Egypt in particular, the opening of the Suez Canal, the Egyptian government and the Egyptian people were able to make in such a short time, all these events make it particularly important the strengthening of cooperation in economic, trade relations of the two countries.

Tsipras revealed he signed two agreements relating to cooperation between the ports of Kavala and Alexandroupoli with the ports of Alexandria and Diamietis. The strengthening of energy networks, transport and connectivity, Greece and Egypt, is an extremely important matter that strengthens the bridges between three continents, the Prime Minister said.

Signing of Agreements

in the presence of Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras and president of Egypt, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi were signed an air services Agreement between Greece and Egypt and two memoranda of understanding between the Port Authority and Diamietis Alexandroupolis and Kavala Port Authority and the Port Authority of Alexandria.