Tsakalotos: The result of the European election can be overturned

Tsakalotos: The result of the European election can be overturned

“I think that the outcome is reversible (in the parliamentary elections), and the people must believe it,” said Finance Minister and candidate of SYRIZA in the North Sector of Athens, Euclid Tsakalotos.

Referring to the results of the European elections, he said that “we were in government for four years and three of them were in the memorandum. Despite the great efforts to mitigate the consequences, the people are overwhelmed. We have to convince them that we have a better plan for the next four years on how to improve the everyday life of the citizens”. He argued that one of the reasons for this specific result was the fact that everyone was against SYRIZA.


Speaking on the radio station News 24/7, Mr. Tsakalotos said that a liberal agenda does not exist in the program of ND, while, on the contrary, SYRIZA does have liberal reforms. He said that ND does not have a “road map” for the economic policy and so it is difficult to hold a serious programmatic debate. He said that “all right-wing governments in all the states, over the last 20 years, say that with tax cuts there will be growth and everywhere they have been disproved. And thus we are left without growth, with tax reduction for the few and austerity for the many”.

However, he said that in the case of a victory for ND and a renegotiation of the targets for the primary surplus, “if there is a plan, there must be a national consensus”. However, he added that “the only thing I fear is for ND to reach an agreement in exchange for worse policies in the health and education sector.”

No question on leadership

When asked if in case of SYRIZA’s defeat in the elections the issue of the leadership will be raised, he said “It will not be raised and I am completely against it being raised. Alexis will be our leader for many years to come, and afterwards a new person must come forward”, referring to specific members of SYRIZA.

He stated that SYRIZA does not dramatize the events regarding Turkey, and he also asked: “Do you believe that if the KYSEA had not taken place on Sunday, the newspapers that attack us would not say “a crisis with Turkey and the prime minister is at the beach”?”

The period of Karamanlis

When asked about the statements of the outgoing President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who said that the government of 2004-2009 was altering the financial data, he said that in the last 15 years before the memorandum there have only been governments of PASOK and ND. “I can not accept that only Mr Karamanlis is to blame, and not also Mr Simitis,” he said. He also held the Commission responsible for “turning a blind eye” on the problem. According to Mr. Tsakalotos, the main responsibility is on how the first memorandum, which was more a package to save the banks of North Europe rather than Greece, was designed.

Shots at Stournaras

Especially regarding the Governor of the Bank of Greece, he said that “we would not support him for a new term. I think it was wrong of Yiannis to accept him to be a governor from Mr Samaras. When you have passionately supported a specific policy for two years (Mr Stournaras’ term in the Ministry of Finance) you can not be impartial.”/ibna