Trump’s election good news for Turkey?

Trump’s election good news for Turkey?

Ankara has strong complaints from Barack Obama and the way he was treating Turkey. Many officials expressed their concern and their suspicions that behind the attempted coup against the Turkish president might have been the US.

To strengthen their position they pointed to the takeoff of several aircrafts from the American base of Intzirlik in Turkey on the night of the attempt. Similarly, the US refusal to issue Gulen to Turkey, who Ankara believes is behind the coup attempt, brought new tension between the two sides.

“The possible extradition of Gulen to Turkey could result in an immediate improvement of the US-Turkey relations,” says the political analyst of the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet Taha Akyol.

The full support of Washington to the Kurds of Syria against the jihadists, the demand of the US for the respect of the Baghdad government’s decisions on the issue of Mosul, troubled Erdogan’s staff, who realized that Ankara’s objectives in the Middle East were not achievable.

The election of Trump brings hope for the change of attitude of the US, without anything being certain until 2017, when he will officially take up office and will have been informed on the fundamentals of the foreign and defence policy of the US, which are not subject to immediate changes.

“If one is not anxious about the human rights situation in Turkey, one may like the praises of Trump for Erdogan. Today, the only ones celebrating for his election are Moscow, Beijing, Tel Aviv and Ankara. Perhaps, just like Iran, Russia, China, so too Turkey will be happy to see the pressure on human rights reduced”, says the columnist of the newspaper Cumhuriyet, Asli Ayditasbas, adding that Ankara should not be satisfied neither with the relations with Moscow nor with Washington. “With Moscow we fought 13 times and we lost 13 battles. Russia does not want cooperation but subordination. Turkey is not thinking long-term and strategically. It does not even understand what it means to be alone with Russia without having the full support neither of NATO nor Russia”.

“Obama’s team with all the snobs will leave”

“It is important that Trump will change all the team that is responsible for the Middle East and Turkey. Officials photographed with the Kurds of Syria will be removed from the team. The US-Turkey relations might not become perfect, but at least the negative attitude of the Obama team and all the snobs who were in this staff will disappear”, says Yildiray Oguur, columnist for the Turkish newspaper Türkiye.

In Ankara they say that the first meeting between Trump and Erdogan may take place as soon as March 2017 and that already in Ankara is preparing the proposals of Turkey in foreign and defence policy./IBNA