Tripartite Albania – Italy – Greece meeting took place in Athens

Tripartite Albania – Italy – Greece meeting took place in Athens

Athens, April 15, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Quadripartite Greece – Albania – FYROM – Bulgaria meeting in Thessaloniki.

On Thursday in Athens was held at the initiative of the Greek Foreign Ministry, a trilateral meeting of Greece, Italy, Albania, at service level, by officials of foreign ministries and police with responsibility for immigration and border management issues.

At the trilateral meeting, held in a very good atmosphere, were discussed the examination of the prospects for further cooperation in the refugee – immigration issue through exchange of information to combat migrant smuggling networks, the readmission to countries of origin, and strengthening Greece and Albania in the asylum system sector.

The cooperation of the three countries will continue and it was decided to hold additional meetings.

The Foreign Ministry and Nikos Kotzias, under the active and multidimensional foreign policy will continue initiatives on issues relating both to the Balkan region, and to the South Eastern Mediterranean region, based on cooperation of mutual understanding and peace in the area.

As it has become known, on April 21 and 22 will be the quadripartite meeting in Greece, Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria at the level of Foreign and Interior Ministers. Subject of the meeting will be the refugee-immigrant crisis, as well as ways of working and solving the problems that have been observed on the border between the countries.

Finally, in mid-summer and again in Thessaloniki, Nikos Kotzias prepares the first Balkan meeting so that Balkan countries will come closer, to overcome preconceptions and nationalistic rhetoric and to work for peace cooperation and the understanding between nations.