Trip to the US brings smiles?

Trip to the US brings smiles?

Athens, October 5, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With the new mandate by the Greek voters at hand, Alexis Tsipras traveled to the US to participate in the works of the 70th UN General Assembly.

His goal was triple. First to widely publicise the need for the settlement of the greek debt, second to remind everyone that he is the master of the game in Greece and the only interlocutor who can guarantee stability in the country and thirdly to make an opening for the investments the country’s economy so desperately needs.

These were the “obvious” objectives. In fact, the big “game” was played by the foreign minister of Greece, Nikos Kotzias. And by “game” we mean the development of Greece’s long-term strategic position on multiple levels, making the country a strong player in the events of the region, both for Europe and for NATO, by inspiring stability realism and fantasy.

Alexis Tsipas, on his part, “sold” readability and won admiration. Not for his English-speaking ability, which was made viral in Greece, but for the battle he fought for his country and for the freshness he exuded. It is no accident that his visits to the UN building and other events were always the focus of interest. Experienced diplomats did not hide their surprise for the acceptance the Greek prime minister had. Some even described him as the star of the UN General Assembly. Tsipras “sells” both within and outside the greek borders, and he will have to utilize it, not to his benefit, but for the benefit Greece that trusted him.

Tsipras ultimately achieved what he wanted. And this is the readability that will pave the way to make the country’s problems known, with at least the public opinion on his side. Leaders are in short supply and Alexis Tsipras’ start is starting to take the characteristics of a leader. Now he will have to manage this momentum against his chaotic with leftist roots character. He knows full well that it is the last opportunity, not only for himself and Greece, but for the whole of the Left, both in Europe and around the world. In the first seven months of his governance he learned a lot. He should put this experience to good use and become more adept and more effective, leaving behind him his leftist obsessions.

On the other hand, the Greek foreign minister, away from the spotlights, made contacts with almost 130 delegations. Almost with all countries in the world. He discussed the refugee problem soberly and sounded the alarm on the attempts of some European leaders to “play” with the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt. In an area where everything is so fluid, such as the Middle East, instability in Egypt will cause new emigration waves to Europe and would open the gates to areas bordering the country, such as Sudan, Eritrea and others, that would make the refugee problem a nightmare for all sides.

The greek diplomacy is methodically changing the Quo Status in the area and is becoming realistic. What remains now is to also become effective. The next meetings with Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia and China will be crucial in the further pursuit of the greek Diplomacy. The issues that concern Greece are numerous and significant. At a time when the economy is not strong, diplomacy can balance the lost opportunities and help Greece out of its crisis. Alexis Tsipras is showing trust in his minister and the climate is changing.

The trip to the US did not yield immediate results, it did however, cement the belief that things are changing, with a positive sign.