Trial on Fatmir Limaj, EULEX prosecutor disagrees with defense lawyer

Trial on Fatmir Limaj, EULEX prosecutor disagrees with defense lawyer

Prishtina, 9 April 2013

The court session against Fatmir Limaj and six others suspected for organized crime and corruption started today with the disagreement of defense lawyer and the EULEX Prosecutors leading the investigation.

Defense lawyer Gashi complained to the Court over illegal pressure on him and Limaj’s defense team by the prosecutor.

“I would like to inform you that a document was sent by the prosecutor prohibiting Fatmir Limaj’s defense to state that Limaj case is political. This is a political case.” said Gashi.

Judge Ana Adamska Gallant said that this is neither a political nor a non – political case. It is a case brought to Court for trial.

“International prosecutors are proud to be part of Kosovo’s judicial system and are able to support the citizens of Kosovo to clear the country off organized crime and corruption. I shall not address the Court, as I know the law, but the prosecution will continue with the reading of the accusation as it is fair to the public opinion and everyone is aware of it. And we shall not tolerate further disruptions of this kind.” said the EULEX prosecutor.

This is the regular court session against Fatmir Limaj, Demir Limaj, Florim Limaj, Endrit Shala, Nexhat Krasniqi, Gani Zogaj and Florim Zukaj on charges related to the Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication (MTPT) case. /ibna/