Trepca mine is property of the institutions of Kosovo, says the government

Trepca mine is property of the institutions of Kosovo, says the government

Pristina, January 20, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Government of Kosovo claims that the fact that the law on Trepce was not voted, has not led to the loss of ownership in this mine.

A press statement released by the government says that the mine continues to be an asset controlled by the institutions of Kosovo, but the statement doesn’t mention the law that guarantees this ownership.

“Upon the request of the government, the parliament of Kosovo has approved yesterday the bill on the Amendment of the Law for the Reorganization of Several Enterprises, which offered the necessary conditions for a normal course of business in Trepce, avoiding the start of bankruptcy procedures”, reads the statement of the government of Kosovo.

The government also says that a Development Strategy will be drafted for Trepce.

“Trepca is an asset of Kosovo, therefore, it will be controlled by the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and it will benefit its workers and the economy of Kosovo”, reads the statement.

Miners of Trepca start a strike

Meanwhile, miners of Trepca have started a strike this morning.

They demand from senior state officials to guarantee within 24 hours that Trepca is turned into a public company.

“Miners seek clarifications on the bill and they want explanations for the destiny of Trepca. For the time being, no government official has announced such thing”, said Sebahete Fetahu, assistant to the director of Trepca mine, Ahmet Tmava.

She added that miners have told to Trepca’s officials that “the strike will not stop until a decision is taken by the government”.

IBNA news agency has learned that the managing director of the mine along with the mayor of Mitrovica, will hold a meeting today with the country’s PM, Isa Mustafa, in relation to the situation in Trepca. The number of strikers, including miners and former miners amounts to around 300. /ibna/