Transport Ministers of FYROM, Albania and Kosovo discuss infrastructural projects in Ohrid

Transport Ministers of FYROM, Albania and Kosovo discuss infrastructural projects in Ohrid

Ohrid, December 9, 2013 / Balkan Independent News Agency


Governments of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo are discussing several infrastructural projects which will serve to all these three neighboring countries.

For this, a meeting was held in Ohrid on Monday between the Ministers of Transport and Infrastructure of these three countries.

The three ministers, Mile Janakievski, Edmond Haxhinasto and Fehmi Mujota said that the main topic of this meeting was the possibility for the liberalization of the transport of goods between the three countries.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of FYR Macedonia, Mile Janakievski said that the focus of the meeting was the use of the ferry line between Ohrid and Pogradec, but only during tourist seasons.

“In today’s meeting we talked about the possibility of using a seasonal ferry line between Ohrid and Pogradec, because studies have shown that it’s not economically efficient to have a regular ferry line in use”, said minister Janakievski, reports

According to him, in the meeting which was scheduled to take place in January next year, representatives of more institutions from both countries will prepare an action plan in order to regulate procedures for customs control and other procedures.

In this meeting, minister Janakievski informed his colleagues from Albania and Kosovo on the activities that FYROM is undertaking in order to improve road infrastructure, the construction of the highway linking Ohrid to Kercova, which is an important segment, part of the 8th Corridor to link the country to Albania, the construction of the railway line in the framework of the 8th Corridor and other projects which have a regional interest.

Minister Janakievski praised such meetings on a ministerial level which have an impact in the strengthening of cooperation in many domains.

Albanian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Edmond Haxhinasto said that these meetings intensify the process of cooperation for important infrastructural projects.

“The topics that we discussed in this meeting prove the readiness of our countries to intensify cooperation and to carry out joint projects of infrastructure which will have an impact in economic development”, said the minister.

Mr. Haxhinasto said that infrastructural projects that relate to the 8th Corridor are important to Albania.

Minister Haxhinasto underlined the need of introducing the ferry line in the Ohrid Lake, which links the two countries as soon as possible.

According to him, on January 17 of next year, there will be a meeting between work groups from both countries in order to start as soon as possible the project for the free movement of people and goods between Albania and FYROM.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Kosovo, Fehmi Mujota said that the meeting was important for Kosovo, as it was a good opportunity to exchange information for concrete activities that relate to the improvement of infrastructural links.

“In this aspect, the government of Kosovo is in the final phase of the project to link Kosovo with Macedonia with the new highway linking Pristina to Skopje. We believe that this project will be finalized in three years”, said Mujota.

In this meeting, the three ministers agreed on holding a similar meeting in February of next year, where they will discuss issues and priorities for infrastructural projects. /ibna/