‘Transparency Now’: More than 600 complaints in a year

‘Transparency Now’: More than 600 complaints in a year


Review Hari Stefanatos

More than 600 complaints in one year, mainly for not providing receipts, has received the service “Transparency Now!” of the NGO “Transparency International Hellas”, during the first year of its operation.

On the occasion of the one year of operation the “Transparency International” urges citizens who are victims of corruption to download the new free phone application and use it to file a complaint, in four simple steps, of incident they have come across.

By running the application, the users are asked to answer a quiz to determine if the incident which troubles them is associated with corruption or not. Then they are asked to record a summary of the incident and a means to contact them.

Transparency International then receives the written complaint and after examining each case individually, communicates with the public by providing clear information and clear guidance on how and where to turn. At the same time, they are there to monitor and exert pressure on the outcome of the case.

The NGO “Transparency International Hellas” Service created the service “Transparency Now!” In September 2013 to receive complaints relating to corruption. A year later, the Service has recorded more than 600 citizens’ reports.

According to data from the AMNA, complaints relate mainly to cases of tax evasion (no receipts), fraud in the field of Health (illegal pensions and corruption), uninsured work and non-transparent procedures in Local Government (procurement and recruitment).

The legal team and trained volunteers of Service “Transparency Now!” Provide information and guidance to victims and witnesses of corruption and intervene where necessary to bring pressure to solve the case.

A typical case is that of the alleged defects in the restoration of the historic church Panagia Hiliadou in Euboea, which was published by the “Transparency International Hellas” last May. In this case an employee of the 23rd Byzantine Antiquities Service said in “Transparency Now!” that was called three times to apologize, because he dared to report the actions associated with the execution of the contract work.

For the first year of its operation, the Service NGO “Transparency International Hellas” is preparing a public information event on October 18.

(Source: AMNA)