Transparency International: Corruption in the Balkans is the highest in Europe

Transparency International: Corruption in the Balkans is the highest in Europe

Pristina, 27 January 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

High level of corruption is preventing the advancement of the country. Kosovo is classified in the same group as Moldova and it is in the worst position as opposed to all the countries of the region.

This was stressed in the Transparency International Organization on the Index of Perception of Corruption for 2015, which was published on Wednesday.

The report’s data were presented today by Kosovo Democratic Institute.

Artan Canhasi of KDI said that based on the corruption perception index, Kosovo has not seen any progress compared to the past two years.

“Kosovo was given 33 points, the same as last year. The maximum number of points is 100, which means that the system is perceived  free from corruption and zero points means that it is perceived as very corrupt. What worries us is the fact that in this report, Kosovo’s standing is worse than the countries of the region, such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia”, Canhasi said.

Canhasi added that the lack of capacities in the judiciary system, lack of accountability, integrity and transparency almost in all levels of the government have classified Kosovo in the same group as Moldova and worse than the other countries of the region.

According to him, the progress made in the domain of public procurement has been damaged by interventions in other chains of the system, such as the Procurement Examination Body.

Meanwhile, Visar Sutaj, from the same institute said that “this index is based in the opinion given by corruption experts of the public sector”.

“The ranking can be improved by open governance, where leaders are accountable toward the public, while poor ranking is a sign of open corruption, lack of punishment for corruption affairs and public institutions which do not respond to the needs of the citizens”, he declared.

On a world ranking, Denmark is first this year with 91 points, while Northern Korea and Somalia share the last position with only eight points each. /ibna/