Transitions 1.Balkans: Festival of contemporary independent Balkan scene

Transitions 1.Balkans: Festival of contemporary independent Balkan scene


March 5-16, 2014 

The Roof organize this year a new “geopolitical” festival entitled Transitions (Transitions ), attempting to broaden and deepen the cultural dialogue with societies ridden the last two decades of rapid political and economic changes, while facing extreme social phenomena. In particular, this year and for three artistic periods, the House will focus on the independent and highly dynamic artistic scene three regions with weighty significance in the global geopolitical map, looking for new forms of collective action and reaction in modern ideological impasses. The first Transitions is dedicated to our geopolitical region, the Balkans, while the next two versions will meet the independent scenes of Latin America and Central Europe.

Artists from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova in recent years “agitate” the international scene with radical forms, the poetic power and intensely politicized nature will transform for nine days on the Roof open platform for dialogue and artistic critical reflection revealing to the unknown side of the Balkans, from the current stereotypes of the West. Moving boldly to the limits of performance, the dancing, the theater, the visual arts and music, the artists of the Balkan festival born and grew up in the years of “real socialism”, witnessed the violence and chaos of the post-socialist period, to experience today the wreck of the neoliberal model. The eclectic festival is organized around issues that acquire special importance in dark historical circumstances, such as the crisis of identity, nationalism, immigration and the urgent need for the development of a strong civil society.


Art Director: Katia Arfara

Art Direction Night of PerformancesInvasive Species Dinner : Zvonimir Dobrovic

Art Direction music program:Christos Karras

Art curated program of theater, dance and performance: Katia Arfara Edited Conference: Ana Vujanovic , Bojana Cvejic , Marta Popivoda (TKH : Walking Theory )

Coordination of parallel activities: Myrto Lavda

Production Manager: Dimitra Spank

Technical address: Lefteris KARABILA The festival Transitions I. Balkans cooperate: Nicholas Panagiotopoulos , Venus Tsigkoida , Panagiotis Trigas ( Invasive Species Dinner ), Argiro Chian (Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland! , Just the Beginning ), Baptist Tsinikoris , Gig Argyropoulos ( On Trial Together ).