Training for ombudsperson representatives on using digital tools and platforms for promoting 

Training for ombudsperson representatives on using digital tools and platforms for promoting 

The use of digital tools and platforms for promoting content to the public is the topic of a five-day training course for employees of the Institution of the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro and the Agency for Electronic Media, which began on 22 July 2019 in Podgorica. The OSCE Mission to Montenegro organizes the course.

OSCE Mission to Montenegro said in the press release that the first two-and-a-half days of the training course are organized for the employees of the ombudsperson institution, while the remainder of the course will be for representatives of both the ombudsperson and the Agency.

Opening the workshop, Daniel Blank, Media Programme Manager at the OSCE Mission, said that the important thing about social media is not just the techniques – how to engage on a certain platform, but it is also important to feel comfortable with this sort of interaction with citizens.

“It’s important to use the tools properly and place your institution in the middle of society. When it comes to social media, there is always a bit of a fear, because it means a direct interaction. You should allow a real dialogue. It’s not just about ‘breathing out’, but also ‘breathing in’ – to listen to the audience, see their feedback and better understand their position. Get to know what they want from you,” said Blank.

Zdenka Perović, Deputy Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms said that the OSCE has provided great support since the foundation of this institution. “Since our primary concern is the protection of the rights of the citizens, it is very important that they are well acquainted with what the institution does. In that sense, we expect to become more open, in accordance with new times and communication requirements,” said Perović.

One of the trainers was Amela Odobašić, Head of Public Affairs at Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who said that the training course would be interactive.

“You will learn not only how to open a profile, but you will receive advice on how to cope with all the challenges that social media brings,” she said.

The training is a part of the Mission’s ongoing project “Support to media institutions, information pluralism, freedom of media and the safety of journalists in Montenegro”./ibna