Tragic ending to the hostage situation in Turkey

Tragic ending to the hostage situation in Turkey

Ankara, March 31, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

Armed men demanded vindication for the 15-year old Berkin Elvan

The Terrorist organisation DHKP-C is the fear of the Turkish authorities

By Manolis Kostidis

Tragic ending had the hostage situaiton thriller in the courthouse in Istanbul where two gunmen were holding hostage the prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz. On Tuesday night men of the special police forces launched an operation which resulted in the death of the terrorists and the prosecutor.

The special prosecutor was investigating the murder case of 15-year old Berkin Elvan who was the victim of police violence in Gezi in the violent episodes in 2013.

The armed assailants were members of the terrorist organization DHKP-C, who after storming the prosecutor’s office, placed on the walls flags of the leftist organisation DHKP-C and posted photos online in which they appeared to hold a gun to the prosecutor’s head.

After the spread of the photograph the Turkish government imposed a censorship on all media on this news so no Turkish citizen would know what’s going on in the courthouse!

Demand for vindication of the memory of Berkin Elvan

In an audio message published on the internet, the perpetrators repeated their threats to kill the prosecutor unless their demands were met. “To date, no justice was done for the dozens of children of the people, who were killed”, a voice can be heard saying, to add: “from now on we will administer justice”.

The leader of the Republican People’s Party Kemal Kilicdaroglu spoke of the ability of the government. “When the secret services and the police are not engaged in their real tasks that is what happens”, he said.

A conspiracy theory that was heard by the prestigious television network NTV is that the blackout might have helped the invasion of the armed men in the courthouse, since for a few minutes the security systems were out of order. The question is whether the DHKP-C has such power.

The prosecutor had been appointed to this position and had taken over the case with a controversial act by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Turkish President had accused 15-year old Elvan for being a member of a terrorist organisation and had publicly reprimanded the mother of the victim. The family of Berkin Elvan says their son on the day of the murder had left the house to buy bread, but was killed by a police tear gas canister. However, with their message on Tuesday they asked the perpetrators to stop their action.

The 15-year old Berkin Elvan was very seriously injured in the head in June 2013, eventually succumbing to his injuries on March 11, 2014, having remained in a coma for 269 days. His death caused massive demonstrations in the streets of all major cities of the country with hundreds of thousands of people turning against Erdogan.


Its initials mean Devrimci Halk Kurtuluş Partisi-Cephesi (Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front).

This far-left terrorist organisation has reported that its aim is the armed struggle to overthrow the regime and has had dozens of terrorist attacks, such as the one in 1996, the murder of the largest Turkish businessman Özdemir Sampangi and the director of Toyota Turkey, on the 25th floor of the Sampangi Goup skyscraper.

After disappearing for many years, the organisation resurfaced in 2013 using rockets to hit the US embassy in Ankara, as well as the headquarters of the AKP.