New tragedy refugees in Pharmakonisi

New tragedy refugees in Pharmakonisi

Athens, September 14, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

There are no words to describe the new tragedy involving refuges that occurred at dawn on Sunday in the waters east of Pharmakonisi.

The boat which carried about 100 persons was overturned, resulting in the tragic death of 34 refugees, as of the latest information on Sunday night.

At least four infants and 11 children are among the 34 dead in the tragedy that unfolded Sunday morning in the sea area of ​​Pharmakonisi, when ship with the unspecified number of migrants was overturned under unclear circumstances.

According to the latest information, men of the Underwater Special Missions Unit, retrieved eight dead refugees from the hold of the sunk board.

Investigations to identify any missing persons continue, as it was a closed type vessel and it is likely that some of the occupants were trapped in the cabin.

In the meantime, the investigations to identify four missing children in the sea area north of Samos remain fruitless so far, after the overthrow of the plastic boat that was carrying irregular migrants.

Twenty two year old Syrian refugee dead in Axios River

The 22-year old Syrian refugee who was missing since last Monday was found dead in Axios River, in the area of Evzones. The man lost his life when in his attempt to cross to the river was carried away by the currents.

The unlucky man was identified by a shepherd. As it became known, his body was found in a riparian area of ​​Axios, beneath a tree trunk, at a point of 1 to 1.5 km from where they had disappeared.

The body was transferred to the Hospital of Kilkis, where he was identified by his 20-year old brother.

The 22-year old Walid had come along with his brother and other compatriots in Greece, in order to travel to Europe – probably through the “Balkan route”.

Meeting on migration problem

The message that Greece strictly implements European and international treaties without, at the same time ignoring the humanism and solidarity, sent from Mytilene the Caretaker Prime Vasiliki Thanou Christofili, who chaired a meeting on migration.