Trade union joins students in Belgrade protests

Trade union joins students in Belgrade protests

The protests “against dictatorship“ in Belgrade and other Serbian cities are to be continued today, for a ninth day in a row, with Trade Union “Sloga” joining the students who had initiated the gatherings.

On Monday evening thousands marched in Belgrade and elsewhere, protesting against the government of Aleksandar Vucic who has been elected for president on April 2.

In Belgrade, demonstrators gathered in front of the building of National Assembly demanding the resignation of its head Maja Gojkovic who had “paused” parliamentary session in the middle of campaign, against the will of the opposition. The opposition MPs claimed that parliamentary session, regularly aired on TV, was the only way to break Vucic’s media dominance in the campaign.

Afterwards, the protestors marched to the media organizations seats: pro-Vucic tabloid Informer and state owned media such as Politika daily and Radio-television of Serbia (RTS). Students demand the sackings of RTS director and news editor because of their alleged siding with the “regime”.

“Informer lies to you”, “Politicians are parasites”, “The people are hungry”, were some of the slogans.

The demonstrators also demand “abolishing the dictatorship” led by Vucic, fair and free elections, completely publicly financed education system, protection of the living standard… Protests were also held in Uzice, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Nis, Vrsac, Pozarevac and other towns./IBNA