Trade deficit in Kosovo rises, exports drops

Trade deficit in Kosovo rises, exports drops

Pristina, 27 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Throughout 2016 too, Kosovo continued to face a large trade deficit, which comes as a result of the lack of production, competition and standards.

Kosovo’s Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published data on exports and imports for April 2016, which show a trade deficit of 227,6 million euros compared to 196,1 million euros in the same period of 2015. Export covers import by 9,2%.

According to this report, exports in April 2016 amounted to 23 million euros while imports amounted to 250,7 million euros with a drop of 16,9% for exports and 12% for imports compare dto the same period of 2015.

Kosovo’s exports with EU member countries were 6 million euros or 26,1% of general exports. The main partners for the export of goods in the EU are Germany (5,5%), Holland (4,2%), Bulgaria (3,9%) and Austria (2,8).

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s imports with the EU countries amounted to 104,9 million euros or 41,9% of general imports. The majority of imports came from Germany (12,2%), Italy (7,4%), Greece (3,6%), etc.  /