Tourist areas in Albania with health service 24 hours a day

Tourist areas in Albania with health service 24 hours a day

The summer season, 22 health centers at the disposal of holidaymakers and tourists

Tirana, 1 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

In order to support the summer season, 22 health centers will open for holidaymakers and tourists starting from this week.

These centers will be open 24 hours a day, with doctors and nurses and they will be located all around the country; 19 of them on the coastline from Velipoja to Ksamil and 3 others in the Alps (Valbona, Razem, Theth).

This 24 hour service will continue to operate until the end of August.

The centers (first photo) are equipped with a set of standard medical equipment. Also, they have been supplied with medication and necessary medical equipment amounting to 200 thousand USD.

The health centers are expected to offer more safety to tourists.

By offering a safe medical service 24/7, this is also direct support for those who offer tourist services and tour operators.

Many tourist areas of the country have not been covered by medical services up until today.

Thus, in the area of the south, where there is a large number of summer holiday makers, many of them fear the lack of medical services in case of emergencies, because there are only local hospitals which can offer medical services.

But the south has many has many beaches in areas that are difficult to be reached and the opening of these centers comforts Albanian and foreign holidaymakers.

Given that up until yesterday, these centers have been lacking, this has caused much confusion in cases when medical aid was needed.

These centers are expected to offer the first aid even for cases of accidents, without the need to go through the problems that emerge during the summer with traffic congestion, to travel form the place of the accident to a hospital.

Some say that the creation of these temporary centers is a direct support for the owners of hotels, who make this incentive part of the mechanism for the promotion of their service, assuring all potential customers that they will find not only hospitality services, but also safe medical service 27/7 at the place where they will spend their holiday.

PM Edi Rama (second photo) says that efforts are being made to strengthen medical services in coastal areas. “We have just approved a new project which will strengthen medical emergency service in five coastal hospitals, in Shkodra, Lezha, Durres, Vlora and Saranda. This is a program which will not on offer temporary support, but it will also mark a significant leap in technology and quality of the service for the entire period ahead and the years to come”, Mr. Rama says.


Tour operators say that many tourists are also expected this year from EU countries/ Before they used to come in small numbers, mainly from Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway.

They say that demand this year has not only been higher than last year and previous years, but it results to be 25% higher than the capacity, which means that all hotels and other accommodation facilities are booked for the month of July and August. /ibna/