Tourist in Albania? These are the main destinations this summer

Tourist in Albania? These are the main destinations this summer

Tirana, 17 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

The summer season doubles the population of Albania, because three million is the number of tourists that come from different countries of the world.

Albania offers not only its seacoast, but also adventure attractions. For those who want to spend their holidays on the beach, there are many virgin areas in the south of Albania and even in Central Albania. For those who prefer mountain climate, Lura, Theth, Valbona and many others are golden opportunities for the intrepid adventure. But explorers too find precious opportunities of entertainment, starting with rocky mountains, ancient caves and the famous canyons of Osum.

But what do the experts of tourism suggest? Here are some of the destinations:



The pearl of the south is called Saranda. It’s part of the South of Albania, near the Greek islands of Corfu. It’s a preferred destination for tourists and it has a very suitable climate. It also has quick access to sea. Near Saranda there’s the ancient city of Butrint, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Saranda has several interesting beaches inside the city and near it, with infrastructure that tempts adventurers. Accommodation prices are among the highest ones in the country, where a room for 2-3 persons costs an average of 60 Euros, breakfast included in 3 star hotels. Five star hotels charge as much as double of this amount.



Ksamil is part of the National Park of Butrint and its beach is clean and green. Nearby there’s the islands of Ksamil, which offer a stunning views to this coast. Ksamil promises undiscovered parts of Albania and the chance to spend holidays in one of the most beautiful and unknown areas in Europe.



Shengjin is a coastal town in the northwest of Albania, rich with ancient history and an old culture. The beaches and the coast sand are extraordinary and accommodation can be easily found because prices are much lower than the south. A room for 2-3 people can be found with 20 Euros and with 5 Euros more, breakfast can be included. Visitors can enjoy the peace offered by this small town, but which is growing thanks to tourism and commerce, mainly thanks to the sea.



Durres is the second largest city after Tirana and the biggest port in Albania. The city was founded in the 7th century before Christ and has the biggest amphitheater in the Balkan. The city with ancient walls and castles makes it a fantastic location to visit. Durres also has the largest beach in Albania, with a gigantic hotel infrastructure. Prices vary around 50 Euros  per room, breakfast included.



Vlora is one of the most developed coastlines in the entire Albanian Riviera. In the recent years, it has seen a significant growth of tourism thanks to its numerous beaches, in both the city and around it. There are a number of archeological places near Vlora. Vlora also marks the start of the Albanian Riviera, with a coastline that extends from the mountain range of Karaburun and throughout the entire Ionian coastline. This coastline has Mediterranean villages, ancient castles, virgin beaches and many rivers. The coast is filled with orange, lemon and olive plantations. From the National park of Llogara to the villages of Borsh, Himara, Qeparo, Piqeras up to Lukova, this part of Albania is stunning. The prices here are similar to those in Saranda.

Canyons of Osum

kanion osum

Skrapar can be considered as the place of stunning canyons. It has two great canyons, two natural monuments, among them the canyon of Osum, the biggest one in Albania, which can be called in its own right, Albania’s Colorado. This place is located between Corovoda and Hambull on the Osum Valley. It’s around 13 km long, 4 to 35 meters wide, 70-80 meters deep with vertical slopes. Its waters, with their corrosive properties, have exerted pressure through the centuries, thus forming a stunning canyon.



Theth is a village in the north of Albania. 70 km from the city of Shkoder, it’s located further north of Shale, among the beautiful Alps, surrounded by three mountains, Radohima, Shenik, Papluk, at 2500 meters above sea level. The valley that holds the same name as the village is one of the most special places. It has an area of 2630 hectares and is located 750 to 950 meters above sea level.

The natural assets of this area are closely related to the cultural and historical heritage of the locals, thus forming the most important foundations for the development of tourism. Foreign tourists have considered Theth as the most suitable place in the Northern Alps of Albania, comparing it with the beautiful landscapes of Tirol, Austria. The natural resources are seen by every visitor. Among them we can mention the canyon of Grunas, which is around 2 km long, 40 to 60 meters deep and up to 2 to 3 meters wide. In Theth, one can find many hostels for 30 Euros and organic good at modest prices.



Valbona is a village in the Albanian Alps, 26 km from Bajram Curr, in Tropoja. The village is one of the best tourist attractions in north Albania. Valbona river goes through villages and the Valley of Valbona attracts many visitors. A room costs 20 Euros and food is completely organic. /ibna/