Tourism from cruises brings EUR 5 million in revenue to Slovenia

Tourism from cruises brings EUR 5 million in revenue to Slovenia


Review Hari Stefanatos

Slovenian economy benefited from more than EUR 5 million from cruise tourism last year, with EUR 3.7 million attributed to direct spending by tourists, based on the findings of a study on the economic effects of the passenger terminal.

The head of the passenger terminal, Bojan Babič, stated that the results are in accordance with the expectations, putting the spending above average compared to western european seaports. More specifically, the average spending per tourist was at EUR 78, to a total of EUR 3.7 million, with another EUR 300,000 generated by crew members , while the rest of the EUR 5 million are from customs and other fees.

In 2014 so far, the port of Koper welcomed 45 passenger ships to a total of 58,970 passengers, with the number of luxury cruisers is increasing, and the tourist season has also been prolonged, lasting from April to November.

The port of Koper terminal has received around 450,000 passengers over the last few years, placing it among the major seaports in the Mediterranean, according to Jana Tolja of the Koper municipality.

Having recorded more than 21 million passengers last year, the cruiser industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with the Mediterranean Sea being the most attractive destination after the Caribbean.

(Source: Sloveniatimes)