Today’s protest cancelled, Jablanovic’s removal upsets Belgrade

Today’s protest cancelled, Jablanovic’s removal upsets Belgrade

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, February 4, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Self Determination has cancelled today’s protest following the decision of PM Isa Mustafa for the removal of the Minister for Returns and Communities, Aleksandar Jablanovic.

According to Self Determination, the removal of Aleksandar Jablanovic is a victory of the citizens of Kosovo, who, united in protest, faced the brute force of the government and police arsenal.

Citizens demanded Jablanovic’s removal and as of today, Jablanovic is no longer a minister in the government of Kosovo, reads the statement of Self Determination.

“These protests showed that fair causes always prevail and that when citizens are united, they cannot be stopped. Great changes are done by the masses and not individuals. We, as MPs, could have never done this”, reads the statement.

This political subject says that the government’s decision for Jablanovic’s removal shows that the demands of the citizens have been fair and legitimate.

“We would like to inform the citizens of Kosovo that the protest announced for tomorrow is postponed for another day. It’s only a matter of days when we organize the next protest. The protest demanded two things: Jablanovic’s removal and Trepce’s transformation into a public enterprise. The first one has been fulfilled, the second one, not yet”, reads the statement.

Meanwhile, today, the leader of Self Determination said that Aleksandar Jablanovic’s removal is a good lesson for the ministers, while he considered the coalition of PDK-LDK with the Serb list as wrong.

According to him, PDK and LDK could respect the Constitution by taking in the government people like Nenad Rasic who don’t insult the citizens of Kosovo and respect the state of Kosovo.

“The protest was something more than a political maneuver”, said Kurti, adding that Kosovo cannot be affected by Belgrade.

According to Kurti, January 24 had something more important than violence or peace, as according to him, protesters voted for the removal of Jablanovic.

Leader of AKK, Ramush Haradinaj, declared that the democratic voice of the citizens prevailed with the removal of Jablanovic.

He said that the subject that he leads and other allies of the opposition parties are and will continue to remain guardians of democracy, freedom and equal rights for all the citizens of the country.

Haradinaj adds that protests will continue because not all demands have been met.

Mustafa’s decision on Jablanovic upsets Belgrade

In his reaction for the media, former minister for Returns and Communities, Aleksandar Jablanovic said that Self Determination’s protests have not been held against him, but against the participation of Serbs in the government of Kosovo.

He considered Mustafa’s decision as “completely disappointing”.

“Self Determination protests didn’t aim me, but Serb participation in the government”, said Jablanovic.

PM Mustafa’s decision for the removal of Jablanovic has upset Belgrade.

“The biased decision of the PM of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa and deputy PM Hashim Thaci to remove minister Jablanovic, is a big mistake”, declared the head of the Serb office for Kosovo, Marko Djuric.

“Jablanovic is not guilty on what a part of the Albanian public opinion accuses him. Decisions on further steps will be taken following the meeting of the Serb members of the government of Kosovo with Serbia’s PM, Aleksandar Vucic”, said Djuric through a statement.

“We will not accept the humiliation of Serb representatives in the institutions of the region”, said Djuric. /ibna/