Tirana faces three terrorist acts, political accusations between majority and opposition

Tirana faces three terrorist acts, political accusations between majority and opposition

IBNA Special Report

In Albania, the three blasts that IBNA report today, caused shock waves not only in the areas where they occurred, but also in politics. Majority and opposition are exchanging mutual accusations

Tirana, February 10, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

The first one to react about the events, focusing on the explosion which targeted the business activity of the family of the minister of Interior, was PM Edi Rama. “The terrorist act against the family of the minister of Interior is a bite by monsters who have received, are receiving and will receive what they deserve: The hand of the state on their neck until their last breath!”, said Rama.

Stopping on the political side of his comment, Mr. Rama said: “We have given way to a new era of separation of the state from the crime and the unstoppable war with zero tolerance of the state with the crime”.

Rama said that Saimir Tahiri too is conducting this war by warning that: “Whoever has ordered and executed the terrorist act against his family must learn that today, he has given to our minister and all of us, another motive to be proud and inspired in every cell, in fulfilling the nobly duty at the service of the country and people of this country!”.

Rama’s declaration was followed by the opposition’s reaction. The head of the Democratic Party parliamentary group, Edi Paloka said that the DP is worried about this level of insecurity. For the opposition, such criminal acts indicate where law and order has been reduced to.

“In no capital of the world and even there where there’s a state of war, we can never see such a criminal manifestation, giving a serious blow to the safety of the citizens”, said Paloka.

DP demands to the prosecution “to quickly investigate the motives of the blast against the relatives of the Ministry of Interior”. Paloka said that “the motives are important to understand the games and political alliances with crime”.

In response to the opposition, Mr. Rama said: “I only have one thing to say about the official reaction of the DP on this terrorist attack against the family of the Minister of Interior: Shame upon them!”

Rama also launched an appeal: “Nobody and nothing will stop us in the path of Renaissance for an Albania which can finally have its strong and fair state, the modern state of Albanians”.

The retorts didn’t end here. The PM was also attacked by the leader of opposition, Lulzim Basha. He accused the government of bringing back within police people who are involved in crimes and accused the minister of Interior for criminal ties: “Shame on him who brought back incriminated people within the police force. Shame on him who promoted criminals and traffickers in parliament. Shame on the prime minister who orders criminal violence against the opposition and defends the violators. Shame on the minister of interior who has an alliance with bandits. Shame on them for turning Albania within a year into the Colombia of Europe”.

SP parliamentary group held an extraordinary meeting and after the meeting, it declared that Tirana faced today with intentional and coordinated terrorist attacks, which aim at causing destabilization of public order. “Today’s terrorist acts in Tirana are the response of organized crime against the government which is determined to lead a battle against organized crime, its activity and assets”.

The head the socialist parliamentary group, Erion Brace also commented today’s events. He said that there’s a political stream that inspires organized crime, adding that the political stream targeted the state. “Fight against crime has one opponent: the political stream that supports crime and unlawfulness, unlawful gains and the wealth generated from it. This political stream is being identified with the crime and is fighting every public servant, police officer, military officer, law enforcement officer and every political official who is determined to lead this war”.

For Mr. Brace, “the family members of the minister of Interior, who is leading this battle, are the first unique case, when the political stream that supports organized crime targets people in order to terrorize the entire society”.

Brace launched accusations against the secret service which is still being chaired by Visho Ajazi Lika, appointed by Berisha’s government. “The National Informative Service must return to duty and meet all the legal obligations in a comprehensive battle and with concrete results against organized crime and terrorism”.

International reactions

The EU Delegation to Albania

“The EU Delegation to Albania is shocked by today’s bomb attacks and condemns them unreservedly. We underline our strong support for enforcement of the rule of law, without compromise. We trust that the perpetrators will be brought to justice and expect all political forces to unite in supporting this goal. We expect responsible behaviour and discourse, in particular on rule of law issues, from all those who take part in public life, in Albania’s national interests”.

The U.S. Embassy

“The U.S. Embassy strongly condemns the use of explosives in separate attacks today in Tirana. The use of violence as a means of intimidation and coercion is a cowardly act that undermines democracy and has no place in today’s Albania. The U.S. Embassy is proud to continue its longstanding support for Albania’s Ministry of Interior, Police, and other security services in the fight against organized crime, narcotics trafficking, and corruption”.

Tirana starts the day under explosions, the events are being investigated together

Early in the morning, three criminal acts were registered and which the authorities consider as terrorist acts. The first one happened at 3 am in the drugstore belonging to the family of the Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, causing many material damages.

The second one happened two hours later, several hundred meters near the home of a former police officer. Meanwhile, two hours later, the third event took place near a bus station of the Ring Road line. A package wrapped in tape and an electric detonator ready to explode were found near the station. Police forces conducted a simulated explosion, thus preventing another event which could have had fatal consequences, because there were many people who were waiting the bus at the station.

Prosecution of Serious Crimes in Tirana said that the three events are being investigated together, because there are suspicions that they may be linked to each other. Officially, there are suspicions that these are “terrorist acts”. /ibna/