Tirana criticizes the fact that Albanians are branded as “terrorist suspects” in Skopje

Tirana criticizes the fact that Albanians are branded as “terrorist suspects” in Skopje

IBNA Special Report/Ali Ahmeti, the head of the Albanian party which is part of “Gruevski” government, Democratic Union for Integration (BDI), is in Tirana on an official visit. He demands from the Albanian authorities to offer concrete help for the accession of FYROM in the NATO and the solution of the name dispute with Greece. The chief of Albanian diplomacy launches strong criticism about the incidents in Skopje. “Every tendency to brand Albanians as ‘Islamic terrorists”, not only doesn’t solve problems, but it further escalates the situation”

Tirana, October 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

The head of the Democratic Union for Integration, Mr. Ali Ahmeti is in Tirana on an official meeting, where he met with heads of the state and the opposition. This was an agenda which was featured by strong criticism launched by the Albanian diplomacy against the violent incidents in Skopje and the direct message toward “Gruevski” government, which BDI is part of, in order to fully respect the Ohrid Agreement.

The most important meeting in terms of the messages that were issued by the Albanian side, was the one with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati (photo).

During the meeting, parties shared their point of view on the situation in the region and the latest developments in FYROM. They stopped on the issue of the advancement of the rights of Albanians in the political and institutional life and the territorial entirety of FYROM. At the same time, Bushati demanded for the Ohrid pact to be implemented in reality, while 13 years have gone it was signed. “Albania considers the full implementation of the Ohrid Agreement as compass to build a democratic state and to accelerate modernizing processes of Macedonia”, said Bushati.

Bushati also stopped on the latest demonstrations in Skopje and said that such acts do not serve security and stability of FYROM.

“Every tendency to brand Albanians as ‘Islamic terrorists’, not only doesn’t solve problems, but it further escalates the situation”, warned the chief of Albanian diplomacy.


In his agenda today, the head of the Democratic Union for Integration, Ali Ahmeti had a number of meetings with high state leaders and opposition representatives.

The meeting between president Nishani and Mr. Ahmeti focused on the Ohrid Agreement. Mr. Nishani said that the Albanian factor in FYROM plays a key role in the consolidation of the state and further development of the country. “The full implementation of the Ohrid Agreement remains decisive for stability, cross ethnic cohabitation and the advancement of Macedonia in the democratization and integrating processes”, said Mr. Nishani.

The head of the state assured Mr. Ahmeti for the full support of Albania in the efforts of the political and institutional factor in FYROM, for the advancement of the rights of Albanians there.


The speaker of the Albanian parliament, Ilir Meta, said after the meeting that it’s important to praise the efforts of Mr. Ahmeti, BDI and the entire Albanian factor in finding a solution for the name of FYROM, in order to help the NATO accession of this country.


In the meeting with the leader of opposition, Lulzim Basha, the head of BDI stressed the need of the Euro Atlantic integration of FYROM, as a process that secures peace and stability, but also good relations between ethnic groups and neighboring countries and economic development.

“We have never worked in secrecy with Albania”

Ahmeti said in Tirana that Albania and Albanians are a factor of stability and progress in the West Balkan region and stressed that: “We have never acted and never worked in secrecy, but always with open meetings and open cooperation”.

He demanded from Ilir Meta the application of agreements signed between FYROM and Albania. “The agreements signed between Macedonia and Albania must be applied in order to encourage the governments of both our countries to accelerate the application of these agreements”.

Ahmeti also said that new agreements must be signed, especially in the domain of education. Another demand made by Ahmeti was for Tirana to offer strong support for the accession of FYROM “in the NATO as soon as possible”. “The accession of our country in the NATO generates stability, security and proximity between the two largest communities. It’s true that in my country, the two largest communities differ in this aspect”.

The name dispute issue, support is demanded from Tirana

Mr. Ahmeti stopped on the issue of the name dispute. He said that “we’re not a victim of emotions”, adding that a solution about the name dispute with Greece must be found as soon as possible. “We have encouraged forces in the country, but we have also demanded the help of neighbors, because this doesn’t only have to do with my country, but neighbors must contribute too in order for West Balkan to enter NATO and EU. But, the obstacles and problems which are still pending and unsolved are a serious obstacle”, says Ahmeti.

Ahmeti said that if there’s a country in the region with which FYROM has no major disputes, that country is the Republic of Albania.

Joint government meeting, but nothing is known as to when

Ahmeti’s meetings also discussed the joint meeting between the two governments which is expected to take place in the months to come. There’s no official date for such a meeting.

When he came in power, prime minister Rama promised the holding of periodical meetings between the government of Albania and that of Kosovo, FYROM, Montenegro and Turkey. So far, only one joint courtesy meeting has taken place with the government of Hashim Thaci. /ibna/