Time to cool off in BiH

Time to cool off in BiH

The crisis in BiH reached on Tuesday the new critical point and international representatives, instead of doing their best to calm the situation down, act as a bull in a glass shop, making more harm than good.

RS Day celebration in Banja Luka on Monday and the presence of BiH Armed Forces unit on the ceremony was one of the most commented situations in BiH last several days. BiH Ministry of defence begun internal investigation to find who gave the permission for this unit to participate in the celebration of a holiday which the BiH Constitutional Court declared as unconstitutional. RS president, Milorad Dodik, after the parade stated that RS will work on the separation from BiH and merging with Serbia but international community High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, decided to react. He said that Dodik with this secessionist intentions would definitely “cross all red lines”.

“For the international community, there is only Dayton BiH and the RS, which received its legitimacy on the November 21 1995 in Dayton. If BiH start celebrating ‘holidays’ such as the January 9, then some might want to celebrate, let’s say, the April 10, the day when the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) was established. I think that everyone should look to the future, not the past”, Inzko told BiH media.

He added that, if his Office determines that during the celebrations in the RS there were violations of the Constitution and laws of BiH, Prosecutor’s Office of BiH will be on the move.

Dodik answer came promptly. Obviously, the lack of sharp reactions gave him reason to be more arrogant, saying on Tuesday that “international clown Inzko” will not insult anybody with comparison of RS with NDH but with that he showed his real face. Moreover, Dodik questioned the existence of BiH Armed Forces, saying that RS will withdraw its signature from the agreement on BiH AF establishment. The joint BiH army was established in 2005 after representatives of three nations (Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats) signed the agreement to cut their own forces and to give one regiment to the joint army. The aim of these Armed Forces is to participate in international missions and to participate on the events which are defined by law. January 9 is not one of them.

Dodik said that  BiH Armed Forces are not the armed forces of Bosniak member of BiH Presidency and leader of SDA, Bakir Izetbegovic.

“When BiH AF were formed, it was said that the Serb component, apart from having the role of military units, would also be able to mark all dates important for the Army of RS and RS itself”, Dodik said.

He added that RS will now think of the ways and procedures to terminate that agreement and go back to the genuine Dayton agreement which said that RS has its own army. Dodik emphasized that there will be many problems and that it will not be easy, but that RS have to make the first step. Dodik announced that he will, in next few days call a meeting of the politicians in RS and representatives of institutions to see the possibilities about this matter and the possibility to  submit a request for the termination of the agreement.

In the last few days BiH has entered in the deepest crisis since the war and nobody know what the result will be. Now is time to coll the situation off but the initiative must come from somebody who is not involved in the events. It may be the EU Delegation in BiH, which announced that they “noted” the celebration.

“The EU gives great importance to the proper functioning of democratic institutions, including the implementation of decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH, and calls on all political leaders in BiH to refrain from the rhetoric of division and focus on the important political and economic reforms”, says the EU Delegation in the press release./ΙΒΝΑ