Threatening messages in the homes of Serbs of Kosovo

Threatening messages in the homes of Serbs of Kosovo

Rahovec, April 11, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Albana Skenderaj

Unidentified persons have written threatening messages on the houses of Serbs of Kosovo in Rahovec, by causing a climate of insecurity in the areas where they live.

This is also admitted by the Ministry for Communities in Kosovo. Minister Dalibor Jevtic has visited today the municipality of Rahovec and talked to mayor Idriz Vehapi.

The mayor says that the security situation in the commune is generally good, but he added that the last incident with the messages written on Serb houses have caused concerns amid the Serb community in Rahovec.

Minister Jevtic has closely inspected the homes where these messages addressed against the Serb community were written.

The minister said that this is an isolated incident, adding that such actions must be condemned in order not to be repeated any more.

A particular moment of today’s agenda was when minister Jevtic delivered the key a newly built house to Sutakovic family, which has just returned in Kosovo.

The construction of this home has been funded by the Ministry for Communities and Return. After he delivered the keys and after he talked to Sutakovic family, Jevtic said that the delivery of keys is a response against the latest incident in Rahovec.

“Following the threatening inscriptions on the walls of Serb homes in Rahovec, I’m here today to send a clear message that Serbs in Rahovec are protected, Serbs will return to Rahovec, because this is their home. Following their displacement in Obrenovac, Sutakovic family was finally offered a home here and they will soon have a new baby”.

Mr. Jetvic said that the survival and return of Serbs in Rahovec is important and added: “Today’s act of the delivery of the keys to this family which has returned, is a call and a message for those who have been displaced from Rahovec to come back here and live freely with their neighbors”. /ibna/