Thessaloniki metro ruins require more time and money

Thessaloniki metro ruins require more time and money


Review Hari Stefanatos

According to experts, the excavation of the ancient ruins discovered during the ongoing Thessaloniki’s metro construction will require at least another three years and 40 million euros for their excavation.

Along the same lines were the recommendations of the greek Central Archeological Council (KAS), which proposed that the company Attiko Metro that is constructing the metro in Thessaloniki, spend another 42 million euros for the excavation of the findings that have already cost 84 million euros, taking the cost of the construction that began in 2006, to 130 million euros.

This amount is more than what it cost to build the new Museum in Acropolis, but experts say that the wealth of archeological finds that have been discovered in Thessaloniki are more than the ones discovered during the excavations of Athens’ metro.

Michalis Tiverios, an archaeology professor at the Aristotle and advisor of Attiko Metro, told Kathimerini that “the archaeological digs for the Thessaloniki metro have revealed significant discoveries to do with the heart of the city from the era of Cassander, at the end of the 4th century BC, right up to now”, to add that “it is like a history book whose pages are the successive layers of finds: from the Hellenist to the Roman eras, to the pre-Byzantine, Byzantine and Ottoman years, right up to the city’s first years of freedom”.

So far 135,000 artifacts have been found, with the metro cost by far exceeding the 15 million euros that was the original estimate.

(Source ekathimerini)