Theoharopoulos – Kouvelis fight over the cooperation with PASOK

Theoharopoulos – Kouvelis fight over the cooperation with PASOK

Athens, September 1, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The Central Committee of our party is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Congress, it is responsible for the management of the party and decides on its entire policy”, DIMAR said in a statement in response to the attack unleashed earlier by the former president of party, Fotis Kouvelis, regarding cooperation with PASOK in the elections on September 20.

“The Central Committee decided by a majority to create a democratic coalition with PASOK for the development of a strong pole of the broader progressive space of social democracy and renewing Left. Individual courses are respected but do not concern the Democratic Left”, added the statement, which continues:

“It is noteworthy that the former president of DIMAR says he will convene a conference of executives and members in absentia of the party organs. It is regrettable that such undemocratic machinations and foreign practices be applied to DIMAR. They do not honour anyone’s history. The former president, despite the party’s decision, said that “rallying around SYRIZA is the necessary democratic stance”. In front of the Central Committee, however, he had proposed for DIMAR to not run for this election. It becomes obvious that individual and personal attitudes that seeking membership to any party, do not concern the Democratic Left. DIMAR decided the coalition with the maintainance of its political and organisational autonomy. The attempt to justify the individual policy options through insubstantial arguments of a procedural nature is obvious”.

Earlier, Fotis Kouvelis had expressed his opposition to the moves of the leadership of DIMAR towards an electoral partnership with PASOK, foretelling of conferences of party members to determine their stance ahead of elections.

In his statement, Kouvelis expressed his “deepest regret” over the fact that “the Democratic Left is turned into an anti-democratic manipulation field and practices alien to the traditions of regenerative Left”.

“A minority of 35 members of the Central Committee of the party – ignoring the fact that 40 members of the Central Committee opposed the electoral partnership with PASOK – implements a plan of seizing the title and disbanding the party”, he said and added:

“Throughout my political course I have served democracy with devotion. That is what I will do now, convening immediately, as the founder and former president of DIMAR, conferences of personnel and party members across Greece, in order to define our stance in view of the forthcoming elections. I am convinced that the solution for the country must be left and essentially progressive”.